Keith Szabo...The Baddest Man In the U.S.

That's right folks. Keith Szabo is the baddest man on a small tire in the country...PERIOD. And no I am not talking about radials, I am talking about them tiny 28/29 tires that most N/T and Grudge folks run. 

Let me explain to you why it is that Keith is the baddest man in the country now. There was a little race this weekend in Ennis, TX called American Outlaws Live, maybe you heard of it. Well Keith, just like 31 other small tire cars had to try and race his way into the big show and that's exactly what he did.

Not a big deal to do all this right? You would be 100% WRONG! On Friday Keith laid the smack down on the rest of the field and mowed through 5 rounds of competitors to walk away with a cool $10k and an entry into the main event on Saturday for another $25k. 

The Saturday field was littered with baddest of the bad on small tires in the country. That isn't something that would stop Keith though. Since he has been around almost every form of drag racing, including the hard fought radial classes years ago. This was not going to be easy, but after getting 5 rds in on Friday Keith had a pretty good sense for the track. 

Now I want you to think long and hard about this. Keith managed to buzzsaw through TWO fields of 32 cars within a 36 hours period on a minimally prepped track. That folks is 10 rounds of racing in less that 36 hours. Oh an did I mention that he walked away with another 25 Large to take home to Georgia on Mothers Day? You read that right, since Keith was able to double up, he took the $10k Friday night and another $25k on Saturday. So 35 large for 10 rounds of racing. 

Overall I feel comfortable saying that Keith Szabo is the baddest man in the U.S. on a small tire. Those that doubt that statement or think that they can knock him off should step up to the plate and hope Keith doesn't take your lunch money like the did the American Outlaw Live kids. Thinking that Keith's new name might have to become BUZZSAW!