Kevin Fiscus WINS $15,000.00

Kevin Fiscus, whom most know as the quite guy at the NHRA Pro Mod races, and the 2015 PDRA Pro Boost Champion showed tonight that he can get it done with his Pro Mod on a "No Prep" surface as well. And he just won the big $15k big tire shootout. 

Kevin Fiscus at World Street Nationals

Kevin Fiscus at World Street Nationals

This weekend is the big American Outlaws Live event in Ennis, TX and as part of that event there was also a race your way in portion on Friday. The top two cars from small tire and the top two from big tire would secure a spot in the main event on Saturday. The winner of the Friday night small tire race in would also walk away with a cool $10k while the big tire winner gets a cool $15k.

Saturday during the big show will be a 32 car field in both big tire and small tire. The small tire class winner on Saturday during the main event will walk away win a whopping $25k, while the winner of the big tire will lug home, get ready for it, a JAW DROPPING $75,000.00 This means that if Kevin can double up, he could go home with $90,000.00!!!

There will certainly be some heavy competition on Saturday in both classes, and as a journalist I am not really allowed to have favorites, but I certainly have in the back of my mind who I think has the ability to pull it all off this weekend.