"Hitman" Saddling Up Again

That's right folks. One of the most successful door car racers over the past two decades Mike "Hitman" Hill is getting back in the saddle. While the project is literally in the opening stages, it is sure to be a front runner at any race it shows up at. 

What you see here is Mike's new undertaking. We all know that some racecars come from nothing and turn into something amazing. This appears to be one of those cases. 

For those that don't know who Mike Hill is, which I can't imagine is anyone at this point, he is the brain child behind Hitman Productions. Mike puts on some of the wildest No time races in the country. Outside of being a promoter, Mike is one of the most accomplished Outlaw racers as well. Whether it was ORSCA, ADRL, or any other organization he has always been at the top of the field. As of late some of you may have seen Mike taking care of duties on George Williams' Pro Mod. 

Mike stated that the new build is going to be a versatile machine, with the ability of competing in Cecil's 10.5 program, along with Radial, No Time, & of course Grudge races. Doug Kline, Owner of Precision Chassis, INC out of Pottstown, PA will be in charge of getting the car built and straightened out as well.  



Obviously with the way the N/T game works we don't have details on what the powertrain will be, but you can bet it will be an Ego Crusher. Mike said he is way to young to hang up his driving suit.  Once we at E3xtreme have a full rendering of the new car look we will get it out there for your viewing pleasure.