No Mercy 7 Wednesday

Well it's another day at SGMP in the books here at No Mercy 7 and we saw some amazing numbers already. There were 35 RvW cars that took the tree in Q1, with Daniel Pharris securing the top spot. 

Wednesday was another big test day and saw plenty of rigs continue to roll in to the track today. The sun was beating down and there was a pretty nice breeze, making the weather pretty comfortable. RvW was the only class to start qualifying today though. 

The headlining class of the event is RvW and we saw 35 cars on the sheet by the time we wrapped up for the day. Leading the pack was Daniel Pharris in the Alepa C7 Vette. Daniel went out there and put the whole class on notice when he cracked off a jaw dropping 3.80 at 211.49. The car went straight as an arrow A to B. When we spoke to Andrew tonight, he said "Wait till tomorrow night". We have a feeling there is plenty more left in the tank as well. 

Jeff Sitton our of Texas is driving the '69 Pro Nitrous Camaro that Stevie Jackson competes with in PDRA and he was in the second spot with a solid 3.846 at 199.32. Rounding out the top 5 were Mark Micke at 3.847/205.44, Kyle Hutel 3.877/194.27, and "The" Kevin Mullins at 3.894/198.58. In the number 35 spot and rounding out the ladder is Outlaw 10.5 old schooler Grant McCrary in the FFI '69 Camaro 10.146/54.01. This is a 32 car field and right now Mike Gwynn is on the bump 6.951/64.74. We are 100% it won't stay that way though. 

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