No Mercy Thursday

A little bit of water wasn’t going to stop an amazing day of qualifying yesterday. What seemed to be the longest round ever in RvW qualifying due to sprinkles a couple times, showed that the wait was worth it. A large contingency of X275 cars made it to the lanes last night as well as Nitrous X, Ultra, Outlaw 632, ODR, Pro 275, & Extreme Leaf Spring.

In Outlaw 632 we saw twenty cars get a pass in. Sitting atop after Rd 1 is actually an X275 heavyweight Jamie Stanton and his beautiful ’02 Chevy Camaro. Jamie cracked off a stellar 4.446 at 160. He was followed pretty closely though by Michigan’s own Phillip Smith and his ’02 Trans Am. Phillip ran a 4.472 at 158.84. Rounding out the top five were Dominic Augustine, Joe Wallce, Ken Quartuccio.

In Outlaw Drag Radial last night, or ODR as it’s called here, it was Mike “The Hammer” Hupp from Indiana in his ’80 Malibu running a 4.206 to lead the pack. Radial Fest winner and drag racing legend Mustang Mike Modeste cruised into second in ODR with a solid 4.228 in his twin Procharger powered ’91 Mustang. Rounding out the top five were multi time ODR winner Scott Husted, Tony Ridenour, and Andrew “Dice” DeMarco.

Moving over too Ultimate, better known everywhere else as Ultra Street, it was no surprise who was at the top of the leader board after rd 1 of qualifying. It was none other than the man from Kentucky Joel Greathouse and his KBX ’93 Mustang. Joel put everyone on notice again last night when he barreled down the track to a 4.77 at a whopping 149.20. The man closest to Joel on the ladder is the Florida kid Troy Pirez Jr. and his nitrous powered ’98 Mustang. Troy squeezed out a 4.870 at 143.83. Rounding out the top five in Ultimate were Chris Lancaster, Brian Keep, and NMRA Superstar Val Clements.

Pro275 was loaded with heavy hitters as well. Twenty of them to be exact. Matt Moore, coming off a solid showing at Radial Fest a couple weeks ago is leading the pack here. His ’00 Mustang laid down a 4.104 at 184.65. Right on his tail is the work of art Mustang from Ziff Hudson. Ziff was able to light up the boards with a 4.113 at 186.30. Rounding out the top five in Pro275 is The Captain Scotty G, Ron Hamby, and Mark Moore.

There was no surprise last night who was leading the field in Xtreme Leaf Spring. None other than the red nitrous gulping ’68 Camaro of Ron Rhodes who ran a 4.518. He is followed by Jeff Plemmons and Jeff’s ’72 Nova at 4.547. Founding out the top five in Xtreme Leaf Spring is Armen Maghdessian, Scott Parson, & Kevin Wallauer. There was a total of 14 cars making hits for the qualifying.

Nitrous X is being headed up by Shawn Pevlor and his nitrous breathing ’93 Mustang. He covered the entire field by a country mile last night when he blasted off a 4.601 at 150.68. The next closest in line was almost a full quarter second back, and that was Robert Rodgers ’90 Mustang at 4.849 at 142.84. Rounding out the top five in Nitrous X were Derek Mota, Doug Casselman, and Michael Hicks.

As usual, X275 is filled to the brim with entries. And none of the top five should surprise you. This is a class where there are always at least ten cars that can lay down a number at any given time and last night it was “Mean” Dean Marinis and that sexy orange ’00 Mustang leading the pack. He dropped the hammer and lit the boards at a 4.440 at a slower 159.66. For those wondering Dean does also have this car up for sale. Dean was followed closely by Rich Bruder at 4.457. Rounding out the rest of X275 is Shane Fisher, Kenny Hubbard, and the 2009 Dodge Challenger of Rob “The Country Man” Goss.

Radial vs. The World is the top of the line crème de la crème of drag radial racing, and yesterday she showed us exactly why again. By the time Q2 was completed yesterday in RvW we saw TWENTY, yes I said TWENTY cars in the 3’s. For a class that just a handful of years ago was jaw droopingly shocked when David Wolfe ran a 4.40, to now where out of the 40 cars to make hits, 50% of them are in the 3’s. Still leading the pack is Daniel Pharris in the Alepa C7 Vette at 3.807. He is followed by Mark Micke in the beautiful Jason Carter owned ’78 Malibu at 3.828. If you haven’t seen the Garrett powered G Body of Jason and Mark you are missing out! Rounding out the top five in RvW is the “Golden Gorilla” DeWayne Mills, Jeff Sitton in the PDRA Pro Nitrous car, and Barry Mitchell, who only has a handful of runs on his new car, yet managed a 3.842 already. To give some perspective, the number 20 spot and last in the 3’s on the sheets is Steven Fereday with a 3.999 at 193.82. There were two other cars right on the door of threes as well, including TV Star Justin Shearer.