No Mercy 7 Tuesday

Well it's our first full day at No Mercy 7 and to say that there is a cream of the crop car selection would be an understate. Along with some amazing rides and some news along the way. 

Let's start with some of the news. As you might have heard by now, PDRA Pro Nitrous racer Keith Haney was testing a few days ago and had an accident which render his car unable to compete this weekend at No Mercy. Though with that said, Keith will be on the property this week to support the event, and we hear might even do some announcing with the one and only Lee TEC Sebring. In other news, it was announced that Daniel Pharris, after selling his engine out of the white SN95 Mustang, will actually be taking the wheel in the Alepa Vette this weekend and competing in RvW. In other happenings, 10.5 superstar Grant McCrary will be driving the FFI car, with radial original "Big Daddy" Dwayne Gutridge helping the team get in down the track. 

It's becoming a who's who of the drag racing world as well. I know that CrowMod and Murder Nova are on the property already, along with heavy hitters in 275 like David Pearson, and Radial Fest winner Mustang Mike Modeste. In RvW, just walking the pits, we have Stevie Fast, Keith Berry, Dewayne Mills, Josh Klugger, and so many others.


What was personally exciting for me to see today was the new setup on the Dodge Dart owned by Jason Digby. Jason spent the summer months having the entire car switched over to a turbo setup. The car will be driven by Chad Branson this weekend and looks to hurt a lot of feelings when it's sorted out. Watch for a full E3xtreme exclusive feature on the car as well. 


Tuesday was the first day of testing. It only looks to get better from here as the track comes around and everyone gets their tunes figured out. So stay tuned to E3xtreme for the best coverage of No Mercy 7 from South Georgia Motorsports Park. 



In closing, we at E3xtreme would also like to send our thoughts and prayers to SGMP owner Ozzy Moya on the passing of his sister Monday night. Any of you that have went to Orlando over the past couple of years have most likely seen or met Dee. So again our prayers go out to Ozzy, Marco, and the entire family!