NHRA Division 4 Ennis Race Recap

Words and Photos by Steve McDermott Jr.

Race Recap

Welcome to the Texas Motorplex, hosted of a Lucas Oil NHRA Division 4 double-header divisional this weekend. After the first contested event of the year 2 weeks ago in Houston, many teams had some homework to do, especially in Top Dragster and Competition Eliminator. Being a double-header, attendance was increased as anticipated. Racers from Divisions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 attended (the Las Vegas national kept Divs. 6 and 7 occupied), with nearly all 34 acres of pit parking within the 300+ acre complex packed in tightly.

Broadcast coverage was provided this weekend by Warren Evans at DragRacer.TV. The Presenting sponsor is Roasters Coffee & Tea Co., with associate sponsors: Service Department Solutions, Lucas Oil, FTI Performance, Altronics Inc, Laris Motorsports Insurance, Alliance Racewear, Houston Cheap Fireworks, Escape IT Houston, Crew Chief Pro Software, and SalterRacing.com.

As is standard with most Division 4 events, the track hosted a Test and Tune on Wednesday to give everyone one last chance to dial in their setups. With 35 cars in Top Dragster and 39 in Competition Eliminator, the qualified fields were not going to be easy. With several racers turned away by high rain chances for the weekend, both classes could have easily topped 40 and 45 respectively.

Thursday brought forth very good conditions accompanying 2 qualifying/time trial sessions for all sportsman classes and one qualifying session for the Top Alcohol classes. At the end of the night, Mario Boesch held the #1 spot in TD with a VERY lucky perfect 6.100 run on the index (Ross Laris #16, 6.242; Bob Henry #32, 6.795), with John Robinson, Steve Evans, and Jenifer White occupying positions 33-35. Jenifer in particular had a rough day, running under the index in Q1, then having a major nitrous explosion around 300 feet in Q2 but thankfully keeping the scoop on the car (albeit with a singed frontside - the note on top was not affected, as shown at right). Top Sportsman’s pole position went to Jimmy Lewis with a 6.478, narrowly sliding ahead of Darian Boesch’s 6.481 in the #2 spot (Kelly Land #16, 6.947; Tim Wilson #32, 7.496). Travis Leach was the only DNQ with his 7.565

For those not familiar with Competition Eliminator, it is a unique class wherein there is no breakout, and the goal is to run AS FAR under the index as you can...to a point. Once you go too fast, the national index is adjusted. The trick is to go just fast enough to get the job done, but not so fast that you get penalized. Roger Brogdon is sponsoring this class in 2019, putting up $25,000 in total purse per race, with $10,000 of that to the winner. Please thank him and his company, RBR Machine, for sponsoring this class and please send them business to allow the sponsorship to continue.

John Marottek took the pole with a .667-under pass in his A/Nostalgia Dragster, with Keith Hall taking #16 with a .556-under pass in his G/Altered machine, closing out with Lucky Snyder in the #32 spot with a .403-under run in his F/Altered machine. Sean Dodd, Ashton Hudson, Jenny Treadwell, Jarrod Granier, Greg Schenck, Dennis Smiley, and John Keilers were the 7 cars that did not make the cut.

Round 1 took place first thing Friday morning in mineshaft conditions. Since Qualifying was held during the day on Thursday, it was going to be a driver’s round.

Round 1 Summary, Top Dragster:

Donna Patterson (.060/.024 above) def. John Bond (.039/.312 above)

John Bond goes through the lights with a huge puff of smoke out the right, then both banks of exhaust, but no fluid on the track

Mike Green (.035/dead 5) def. Jon Bradford (.050/dead 3)

Keith Niemann (.006/dead 5) def. Frank Young (.030 red/.041 under)

Dee Kruse (.023/.147 above) def. Wayne Landry (.051/.175 above)

Danny Nelson (.007/.188 above) def. J.R. Baxter (.027/coasting)

Baxter starts slipping the tire around 200 feet and gets all crossed up before lifting and gathering up the car less than one car-width from the wall

Eli McGee (.027/.069 under) def. Jim Thorp (.030/.070 under)

Wynette Hudgins (.026/dead 3) def. Bill Swann (.017/.023 above)

Ross Laris (.026/.027 under) def. Bob Henry (.015/.086 under)

Rusty Baxter (.026/.055 above) def. Jerry Githens (.002/.095 above)

Mario Boesch (.047/.012 above) def. Holden Laris (.058/.053 above)

Bob Button (.009/.070 under) def. Matt Exner (.057/.131 under)

Aaron Stanfield (.025/.073 above) def. David Sheetz (.005/coasting)

Sheetz goes up in smoke instantly

Michael Kile (.040/dead 5) def. David Johns (.034/.022 under)

Steve McDermott Sr. (.059/.105 under) def. Shane Eperjesi (.012 red/coasting)

Darian Boesch (.030/.020 above) def. Mark Jones (.024/.191 under)

Derek Purvis (.019/.177 above) def. John Robinson (Alternate for Ogden, .104/.140 above)

Round 1 Summary, Competition Eliminator:

Brad Plourd (.026/.491 under) def. Kevin Duet (.173/.596 under)

Huge holeshot advantage for Plourd, wire to wire job for him

Bill Kent (.009/.569 under) def. Clark Smiley (.056/.575 under)

Kevin Self (.090/.044 above) def. Brian Browell (.016 red/.120 under)

David Rampy (.023/.412 under) def. Justin Hutto (.017/1.171 above)

Hutto’s car struggles off the line and Rampy backs into him to be safe

Ray Goodman (.112/.496 under) def. Duane Robison (.030/.378 under)

Goodman uses performance to counteract a very atypical light

Lucky Snyder (.096/.397 under) def. Keith Hall (.018/.144 under)

Doug Engels (.059/.596 under) def. Glen Self (.104/.583 under)

Matt Harris (.050/.552 under) def. James Primozic (.082/.515 under)

John Stock (.000/.587 under) def. Greg Kamplain (.031/.603 under)

15 thou victory via Stock’s perfect light makes this the tightest pair of this round

Joseph Arrowsmith (.060/.251 above) def. Frank Affronti (.016 red/coasting)

Dick Maris (.146/.642 under) def. Raymond Martin (.058/.518 under)

Chalk this one up to class rules/index advantage. Despite leaving second, Maris is able to run down and pass Martin at the other end for the .036 MOV

Joey Tanksley (.015/.438 above) def. Scott Cashio (.013 red/.158 under)

John Marottek (.006/.548 under) def. Don Thomas (.180/.505 under)

Craig Bourgeois (.063/.512 under) def. Keith Mawhee (.057/.491 under)

Adam Hickey (.047/.173 above) def. Glen Treadwell (.017 red/.075 above)

Chase Williams (.135/.133 above) def. Keith Pelton (Did Not Appear)

Round 1 Summary, Top Sportsman:

Craig Liles (.044/.011 above) def. Jim Thorp (.022 red/.025 under)

Glenn Wright (.016/.023 above) def. Darian Boesch (.056/.032 under)

Chris Arnold (.033/.002 under) def. Marty Blair (.030/.035 under)

Cole Prejean (.019/.146 above) def. Travis Leach (.011/coasting)

Leach’s car looks like it left lazy and/or did not shift and he lifts as Prejean goes by

Bengt Blomberg (.015 red/dead 9) def. Jeff Sumner (.016 red/.038 above)

Jimmy Lewis (.014/.050 above) def. Cecil Epp (.068/.015 above)

Kelly Land (.093/.012 above) def. Tim Wilson (.015/.099 under)

Tim’s car is a Twin Turbo LS powerplant, somewhat unconventional for a bracket class. Also, it’s tagged and legal on the street. He nails the brakes hard at the other end and still breaks out by nearly a tenth. Once he gets the car ironed out, it could be quite the contender to keep an eye on.

Bob Gulitti (.021/dead 8) def. Roger Massey (.000/.014 under)

Massey gets the handicap advantage and leaves first with a perfect light, but can’t judge the hard charging Gulitti behind him and takes .0437 stripe for the .014 breakout. Ouch!

Vince Hoda (.026/dead 9) def. Tom Patterson (.065/.038 under)

Trent Wilson (.024/.098 above) def. Scooter Hampton (.154/.010 under)

This one was over at the tree, Wilson makes the smart move and backs into Hampton aggressively

Allen Firestone (.018/dead 8) def. Lance Abbott (.020/.025 above)

Phillip Nelson (.047/.067 above) def. Greg Lair (Jumped the beams)

Kevin Hempton (.011/.039 above) def. Earl Folse (.081/.080 under)

Robby Irby (.002/.144 above) def. Mike Cobb (.041/.117 above)

Cobb slows around 1000’, Irby goes around him and lifts to take .0125 stripe killing 15-20 MPH.

Kamron Wright (.026/.107 above) def. Hermilo Rodriquez (.146/dead 4)

Rodriquez is late at the tree and it is costly. Wright backs in to take .0171 stripe.

Kirk Piepke (.024/.005 under) def. Kyle Firestone (Did Not Appear)

With weather a 100% chance for Saturday, the Moser Shootout has been moved to Friday, as well as Race 2 one-and-go Qualifying for TD/Comp/TS. As a result, all classes are on a tight turnaround schedule. “You win, you’re in” turnaround policy is put in effect for winners of this round (Basically, visit your pit for fuel and come back up).

Round 2 Summary, Top Dragster:

Eli McGee (.016/.031 above) def. Wynette Hudgins (.009/.054 above)

Hudgins has the relative advantage at the tree but is unable to make up the handicap despite being the faster car. Everything comes unglued at the top end for McGee, as the driveshaft fails, cutting the right rear slick and sending Eli for a wild ride through the shutdown. Thankfully he was able to pull the parachute, keeping the car straight and bringing it to a stop against the left side retaining wall.

Mario Boesch (.026/dead 7) def. Derek Purvis (.037/.084 under)

Remember that Purvis went 5.99 in Houston, so that team is walking on thumbtacks to stay on the good side of 6.00 and will be doing so for the next 12 months. Also, the ladder just shaped up so that KMS/HMS faces MKD Motorsports twice in this round. MKD takes this pairing.

Donna Patterson (.049/.028 above) def. Danny Nelson (.013/.065 above)

Ross Laris (.008/.014 above) def. Rusty Baxter (.021/.019 under)

Dee Kruse (.042/.029 above) def. Darian Boesch (.011/.107 above)

In the second KMS/HMS vs. MKD pairing, Kruse/Hanna Motorsports takes the win. Both 2-car teams are down to 1 in the barrel for third round.

Steve McDermott Sr. (.022/.054 above) def. Michael Kile (.003/.011 under)

Aaron Stanfield (.022/dead 6) def. Bob Button (.038/.024 above)

Mike Green (.044/.127 above) def. Keith Niemann (Did Not Appear)

Niemann found a broken valvespring after Round 1 and was not able to service the car in time for Round 2.

Round 2 Summary, Competition Eliminator:

Chase Williams (.042/.517 under) def. Lucky Snyder (.017/.427 under)

John Marottek (.144/.576 under) def. Ray Goodman (.103/.499 under)

Dick Maris (.036/.503 under) def. Joseph Arrowsmith (.058/.453 under)

Craig Bourgeois (.025/.476 under) def. Bill Kent (.055/.493 under)

Doug Engels (.021/.409 under) def. Matt Harris (.102/.443 under)

David Rampy (.011/.510 under) def. Adam Hickey (.093/.315 under)

Brad Plourd (.025/.589 under) def. Joey Tanksley (.065/.609 under)

Kevin Self (.039/coasting) def. John Stock (.011 red/.398 under)

With Stock’s red light, Self shuts it off and saves the parts for next round

Round 2 Summary, Top Sportsman:

Craig Liles (.030/.014 above) def. (.014/.065 above)

Vince Hoda (.033/.036 above) def. Bob Gulitti (.034/.040 above)

Allen Firestone (.026/.025 above) def. Kirk Piepke (.058/.022 under)

Glenn Wright (.031/.020 above) def. Bengt Blomberg (.013 red/.083 above)

Kevin Hampton (.022/.005 under) def. Chris Arnold (.024 red/coasting)

Robby Irby (.025/.053 above) def. Trent Wilson (.039/coasting)

Wilson’s car launches to the right and he legs it well out of the groove until the ⅛ mile before cutting Irby loose.

Cole Prejean (.025/dead 6) def. Phillip Nelson (LB3A/coasting)

Nelson’s car leaves immediately when the top amber comes on, giving the automatic win to Prejean.

Kelly Land (.010/coasting) def. Kamron Wright (.022/.031 under)

There is one cardinal rule in bracket racing, and Kamron Wright gets to enter it in his logbook for “Another way to lose a race”. Land’s car makes a hard move towards the center line at the 330’ marker and immediately lifts. However, Wright does not acknowledge the absence of Land’s car at the other end and breaks out 3 hunds taking over 3 seconds of stripe. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing some variation of a mirror or two in Wright’s car in the near future.

Round 3 Summary, Top Dragster:

The final 8 in Top Dragster shows just how tight the racing in this class is. On the left side of the ladder, you have Mario Boesch (Q #1) versus Dee Kruse (Q #5) and Eli McGee (Q #27) versus Aaron Stanfield (Q #15). The right side of the ladder brings forth Mike Greene (Q #18) versus Donna Patterson (Q #22) and Steve McDermott Sr. (Q #12) versus Ross Laris (Q#16). If those qualifying positions don’t impress you, the fact that all 8 drivers are performing within 0.15 of a second should. This is a very fast, low-handicap final 8 cars featuring 5 from the top half and 3 from the bottom half.

First pair out is Mike Greene and Donna Patterson in a nearly heads-up race: 6.32 and 6.31 dial-in respectively. Donna’s car has an issue off the line, giving Greene plenty of room at the other end to lift. Greene runs a 6.474 on a 6.32 (.032 light) to Donna’s 7.44 on a 6.31 (.045 light).

Next up is a pair of cars that are not afraid of alternative approaches to the 6.10 index, Ross Laris and Steve McDermott, Sr. Both cars’ ET and MPH have been variable through the weekend as both are having a little fun at the top end of the track. Laris’ performance stats are 6.242@224 (Q), 6.163@207 (R1), and 6.204@212 (R2) against McDermott’s 6.219@226 (Q), 6.075@223 (R1), and 6.15@227 (R2). Laris dials in at a 6.20 to McDermott’s 6.17, and both drivers cut nearly identical lights (.041 and .040) with the parity carrying to the ⅛ mile, setting up for a fantastic top end game of cat-and-mouse - Laris gets to the stripe first, taking a .0003 margin of victory over McDermott - McDermott goes out the back door at 228 MPH to Laris’ 217. That was an amazingly close race at over 200 miles per hour.

Third pair out is Mario Boesch and Dee Kruse. Both of these cars are 6.oh capable, and have been working on their programs to better fit this year’s 6.10 index. Mario took the event pole with a perfect 6.100 run and has been consistent in eliminations with a 6.13 and a 6.11 given the changing weather conditions. Kruse kicks it 053 red at the tree and runs out the back door to a 6.228 on a 6.23, giving the win to Boesch’s .033 and 6.136 on a 6.11 dial.

Final pair in TD is Aaron Stanfield and Eli McGee. Yes, that Eli McGee. After having a catastrophic driveline and tire failure in Round 2, several teams in the pit area converged on this car to replace the driveshaft and rear tires in a relatively short turnaround. Congratulations to all involved just for making it back to the ready line! “With the help of great friends and racing family we got enough parts together to fix it” This is what makes sportsman racing so great. Stanfield has not been exactly consistent so far this weekend, with performance stats of 6.241 (Q), 6.263 (R1), and 6.186 (R2), against McGee’s 6.348, 6.261, and 6.301. McGee gets the handicap start with his 6.33 dial but kicks it .005 red and coasts, against Stanfield’s .010 light and 6.189 on a 6.19.

Round 3 Summary, Competition Eliminator:

The first pair out for Competition Eliminator is John Marottek and Brad Plourd. Both have been running a consistent half second under the index, so this should make for a great pair. Plourd qualified #29 while Marottek is the pole sitter for this event, showing that speed doesn’t always mean everything. With that said, Marottek kicks it .021 red handing the win to Plourd, .059 and .366 above coasting.

Next up is Dave Rampy and Doug Engels in a nearly heads-up race - 7.81 index for Rampy’s A/EA ride to the 7.82 index for Engels’ D/ED ride. Rampy takes the advantage at the tree (.035/.066) and carries it out the back door to go .535 under to Engels’ .501 under.

Craig Bourgeois and Chase Williams are up next, with 7.41 and 7.35 indexes, respectively. Bourgeois takes the starting line advantage in his Front Engine Dragster, but Williams takes off after him with a blazing display of speed. Unfortunately, Williams is unable to close the gap despite running 12 MPH faster through the ¼ mile clocks. Bourgeois claims the win, .040 and .580 under versus .059 and .585 under.

Finally, Dick Maris and Kevin Self roll out from under the tower. Self gets the nearly 8-tenths handicap advantage, but something clearly goes wrong in Maris’ car as he leaves entirely too soon after Self - .464 of a second too soon. Maris runs it out to half track to go .116 above, while Self shuts his car off and coats through at a leisurely 97 MPH.

Round 3 Summary, Top Sportsman:

Like Top Dragster, Top Sportsman’s final 8 is a hodgepodge from all over the qualifying sheet, with 5 from the top half and 3 from the bottom half. Since this class has not gotten up close and comfortable with the 6.10 index near as much as TD has, the competition is a little more balanced among all the pairs, and certainly more consistent.

Craig Liles and Vince Hoda are the first pair of cars to roll out from under the tower in a very close matchup - Liles puts a 6.83 on the board to Hoda’s 6.88. Hoda cuts a very good .001 light and tows Liles all the way down the track. Unfortunately, he mis-judges the stripe and breaks out by .017, handing the win to Liles’ .031 and 6.833 on a 6.83.

Next out is Kelly Land and Cole Prejean. Prejean will take the handicap start with his 7.24 dial to Land’s 6.96, and both cut great lights of .017 and .006 respectively. Like Hoda in front of him, Prejean takes the lead all the way down the track but mis-judges the top end and breaks out by .003 of a second. Land (.006/6.973 on a 6.96) takes the win against Prejean’s .017 and 7.237 on a 7.24. That’s gotta hurt!

Kevin Hampton and Allen Firestone are next into the waterbox. Firestone’s car has been deadly - 6.515, 6.518, and 6.545 so far. Hampton is no slouch with his 7.063, 7.089, and 7.045. Firestone takes the reaction time advantage, .013 to Hampton’s .027, and the difference at the tree is nearly the difference at the top end. Hampton runs 7.075 on a 7.04 in his losing effort to Firestone’s 6.569 on a 6.54.

Glenn Wright and Robby Irby are the final pair out for Top Sportsman, filling the boards with 6.62 and 6.98 dial-ins respectively. Irby cuts a great .004 light on his handicap advantage, with Wright right behind him with an .010 light. Going down to the top end, Irby runs it out the back door to a .023 breakout, handing the win to Wright with is .019 above run.

Round 4 Summary, Top Dragster:

The first half of our Semifinal in Top Dragster is represented by Ross Laris and Mike Green. Laris in the procharged entry dialed a 6.20, Greene in the bottle-fed entry dialed 6.30. Greene is a little tardy on the tree with a .041 light to Laris’ .014 light, and takes 4 thou stripe for the 7 thou breakout. Greene was mathematically ineligible when he let the button go. Laris .014/6.216 on a 6.20, Greene .041 and 6.293 on a 6.30.

Next up, we have the roots-blown entry of Mario Boesch dialed 6.13 against Aaron Stanfield’s Nitrous-assisted entry dialed a 6.17. Standfield gets the advantage at the tree with an .018 light to Boesch’s .025, but is unable to get inside the given window as Boesch goes dead on zero for the second time this weekend, pushing Stanfield into a .002 breakout.

Round 4 Summary, Competition Eliminator:

Craig Bourgeois and Kevin Self roll out for our first pair in the Comp Eliminator Semi-Final. Bourgeois’s A/Nostalgia Dragster index is a 7.33 to the 8.32 index of Self’s F/Econo Altered entry. Both drivers’ reaction times are .027, but unfortunately Self’s is on the wrong side of the green bulb. Both drivers lift and coast to the end of the track.

The other half of the semi-final is Brad Plourd’s AA/A-Modified entry indexed at a 6.96 and David Rampy’s A/Econo Altered indexed at a 7.78. Rampy gets the handicap advantage but is tardy with a .028 light; Plourd cuts an excellent .007 reaction time but is unable to catch Rampy at the big end. Rampy runs .647 under to Plourd’s .423 under.

Round 4 Summary, Top Sportsman:

Glenn Wright’s car has been on a rail today. 6.623, 6.64, and 6.639 is how he has arrived in the Semi-finals with a dial of 6.62. His opponent is Kelly Land, who has been in the 6.90’s range and is dialed 6.94. Land leaves first on the handicap start but turns the bulb .003 red, while Wright is uncharacteristically late with a .064 light. Land runs it out the back door to a 6.951, while Wright chooses to hide his cards and lifts around 1200 feet to run a 6.676 at only 194 MPH.

Allen Firestone and Craig Liles are next up. Firestone puts a 6.55 up on the board at the far end of the track, while Liles posts a 6.83. Both drivers are nearly identical at the tree (.029, .030) and both go out the back door. Firestone takes the stripe by 9 thou breaking out 19 thou, giving the win to Liles, who also breaks out but by a lesser .011 of a second.


Mario Boesch and Ross Laris have battled a fierce, and fast, field today to reach the finals. Boesch has been all-but-glued to the 6.13’s, while Laris has been driving the stripe more aggressively. Boesch dials himself in at a 6.12, while Stanfield predicts a 6.21 on his side of the track. Laris makes the first move on the handicap with an .020 light, but Boesch is right on his tail with a .003 light, Laris has the lead all the way down but Boesch cuts him loose at the MPH cone for the win. Laris breaks out 6.201 on a 6.21, boesch goes 3 above with a 6.154 on a 6.12. Congratulations to Mario Boesch in TD.

In the $10,000-to-win Competition Eliminator Final sponsored by RBR Machine, David Rampy and Craig Bourgeois face off in their pair of front-engine open-cockpit rocketships. Rampy gets the handicap start and has a slightly-late .037 light, soon to be chased by Bourgeois with his .010 light. The A/Nostalgia Dragster easily catches Rampy’s A/Econo Altered at the other end of the track to take the win, running .501 under to a faster .511 under for the holeshot win. Congratulations to Craig Bourgeois in Competition Eliminator.

In the fastest bracket class with doors, Glenn Wright rolls into the water with a 6.62 on the window, to Craig Liles’ 6.81. Unfortunately, Liles’ decides that he doesn’t really need that much handicap, leaving .015 early, handing the automatic win over to Wright. Both cars go out the back door, Wright’s 6.613 to Liles’ 6.818. Congratulations to Glenn Wright in Top Sportsman.

From The Pits:

Mother Nature doesn’t always agree with the motorsports community. Oftentimes, we run into a situation where events have to be cancelled or postponed due to rain. Sometimes, these decisions come with significant side-effects. Such was the case this weekend. While Thursday and Friday went off without a hitch, Saturday and Sunday represented about 5 hours of track time total. The image below was taken from the first turn-off. Somewhere in there are 2 large scoreboards, an ⅛ mile of grandstand on both sides, and a 3 story, wrap-around tower. Needless to say, they called Stock Eliminator to the lanes, but turned them away after about 20 minutes of waiting. It took about 2 hours for this fog to lift high enough to permit sending cars down the track.

On a lighter note, comradery is one of the great things about sportsman racing at any level. When somebody needs help, there’s rarely a lack of others willing to help. Eli McGee’s catastrophic driveline failure was one of those demonstrations.

It broke the front u-joint, and a part of it put a hole in rear slick. With the help of great friends and racing family, we got enough parts together to fix it.

Generally speaking, whatever you need, somebody tends to have in the sportsman world. I personally always carry several spools of wire to the track as well as a soldering iron and MSD tester, and many racers carry spare head gaskets and intake gaskets for various configurations. When in doubt, just assume that Murphy and his law are always just around the corner. When I mentioned to Jeff White, “At least you kept the scoop on it”, he was quick to reply “I keep a spare one in the trailer just in case”. I can’t say that it’s entirely surprising. When you are around people that have been racing for years and years and years, they tend to know exactly what to carry spares of. And in the case of the Texas Motorplex, having a Summit Racing Equipment distribution 40 minutes away in Arlington is just kind of spoiling to the racers. I know of several people that made emergency trips over there throughout the weekend.

On a final note, I’d like to address an elephant in the pits. This topic has been hashed out several times on Social Media, but it deserves another reference. Twenty or more years ago when many tracks were designed and built, racers did not show up in stackers and toters and fifth wheels and 18-wheelers and all these over-length vehicles. They showed up in their pickups towing a flatbed, maybe an enclosed here or there. Back then, racers socialized and talked to each-other during downtimes. This weekend, it was as if the track was a ghost town. Everybody was holed up in their RV’s/Toters/Trailers, and only the folks still in their pickups were out walking around. What happened? Have we, collectively, become so spoiled by quiet generators, air conditioning, TV, and all the other creature comforts, that they are now more important than socializing with our fellow racers? Has Social Media made us so complacent in communications, that we’d rather send a 140-character message from phone to phone than to take the golf cart, scooter, or (heaven forbid) our own two legs to go 2 or 3 rows over in the pits to see our friends in person?

About the author:

Steve McDermott, Jr. is well known in the Division 4 area as a photographer and general event promoter serving as the principal of “North Texas Bracket Racing” when he is not working on the roots-blown Chevy powered dragster piloted by his father. Frequently informally coined “the hardest working crew of the sportsman pits”, McDermott and Son racing is never afraid to help others, often defining a “never say die” approach, while also demonstrating “do the most with the least”.

Any statements or opinions above belong to the author, and are not representative in any way of E3xtreme or its partners.