The Drag Racing World has Descended on Outlaw Street Car Reunion VI

Outlaw Street Car Reunion VI set to be Tyler Crossnoe’s biggest OSCR ever. The pits are already filling up with Pro Mods, Radial Cars, and index cars. Everyone has come to Bowling Green Kentucky to prove who has the most badass hot rods in the world.

Years ago, the one the I refer to as the “Wunderkind” Tyler Crossnoe decided that he wanted to put on his own events, and out of that Outlaw Street Car Reunion was born. While he has changed locations from Holly Springs, MS. to Memphis, TN. And now Bowling Green Ky. The event has continued to grow at a quicker rate than any other door car race out there.

What used to be just a radial tire and index-based race has grown into what is preparing to be the single largest turnout of pro mods on any property, along with radials, index, and more. This isn’t just some race that you come to expecting to win, this is an event that you are going to have to be the best of the best to take home a win.

Personally, I have only missed one of Tyler’s races, and that was in 2014. Every year that I come to Tyler’s race I am more and more impressed by this kid that started out at age 18 holding races after being told he couldn’t do that. This weekend in Bowling Green looks to be an event that people tell their kids about 40 years from now.

The headlines from this race are going to talk about records, whether it is ET records, MPH records, or the fact that there is expected 50+ tire smoking, air gulping, ground shaking pro mods on the property. Along with those pro mods, we are expecting to see some of the heaviest hitters in the history of radial racing on the property as well. When I say there is something for everyone, there actually is.

Not one to just “settle in” when it comes to innovation, Tyler has added a little extra on Friday night for the Pro Mods and RvW cars. We will see the top five from the east face off against the top five from the west in Pro Mod go at it for a big payday. Along with that, there is a homerun derby on Friday night for the RvW cars.

This is also the second stop on the Mid-West Pro Mod Series tour in 2019. If you end up in the top 16 with the caliber and number of pro mods on the property, you can really call yourself a badass, a best of the best in the pro mod world. As I sit here and type this, I can look above my screen and see racers like PDRA star Melanie Salemi, 2018 NMCA World Champion Jason Hamstra, Mr. Gorilla Flames Ron Muenks, and many more. We have heard that 2018 MWPMS World Champion Jonas Aleshire will be here in the famous blue Vette as well. PDRA Founder, and VMP Owner Tommy Franklin is bringing his nitrous gulping Camaro here this weekend to fight for the money and prestige also.  

E3xtreme will be on the property all weekend bringing you the happenings, as well as the amazing photos you have come to expect. Co-Founder Ellen Eschenbacher will be here crushing her Facebook Live as usual. Check out for event details, along with for all the pro mod happenings. And continue to come back to for everything that is drag racing.