1 on 1 with Pro Mod Standout Kevin "Flash" Fiscus

We caught up with Kevin Fiscus “Flash” fresh off his NMCA Xtreme Pro Mod victory in Joliet at the end of July. Kevin is the reigning PDRA Pro Boost Champion and competes in the NHRA Pro Mod tour. This year Kevin has been on a tear, going to his first ever NHRA National Final, having an amazing showing at the American Outlaws race.

E3:  What are your plans with all the action packed pro mod races over the next three months?

KF:  We plan on doing a bunch of racing. There are a few weekends though that we will have to make a choice on which race to go to.  NMCA Norwalk and SCSN St. Louis are on the same weekend (August 25–28).  Coming off our NMCA Xtreme Pro Mod win it will be hard to skip the Norwalk race but we have not made a decision just yet.  The following weekend you have NHRA Indy and The Yellowbullet Nationals (Sept. 1–5).  FKR will be in Indy and will be racing both cars (Pro Radial & Pro Mod) at The Yellowbullet Nationals.  Fast forward two weeks and you have NHRA Charlotte and The Shakedown at the Summit (Sept. 15 -18).  Again FKR will in in Charlotte and will be racing both cars (Pro Radial & Pro Mod) at The Shakedown at the Summit.  And that is just the start of 8 races in 10 weeks!!!!


E3:  Did we hear you correctly when you said you would be in Indy and Charlotte but racing The Yellow Bullet Nationals and The Shakedown at the Summit which are on the same weekend respectfully as the two NHRA races?

KF: Yes, we are going to race where the rules are fair and our program is wanted.  We also have to show up and tech in at the NHRA races to maintain our grade points for the 2017 season.


E3:  Without putting words in your mouth, are you saying that you think the current NHRA Pro Mod rules are unfair?

KF:  Let me start by saying I think the current rules between the three power adders are pretty close now.  I will also tell you that the NHRA has totally missed the boat when it comes to their boost controller rule and limiting boost pressure.  I have many emails to the NHRA tech department (31 to be exact) explaining and outlining real world facts and data showing how they have essentially written the 481X combination out of the rules.  Limiting boost does not work when you have different engine combinations in the class.  Engines are just big air pumps and you have to get the air in and out efficiently.  The less efficient the engine (air pump) is the more pressure it is going to take to get the same amount of air in and out which will produce drastic different pressures,  but move the same amount of air (making the same power).  All those emails fell on deaf ears with no response.  Let me take that back, I did receive a few responses that said they are looking into it (just no action).  The short answer would have been the rules are not fair between the turbo combinations and the boost controller rule SUCKS!

E3:  How would the NHRA control the power without the boost controller?

KF:  The only way to limit the turbo combinations which is fair to all engine platforms is to limit the turbo size.  Not sure what the turbo size needs to be but for discussion proposes, let say it ended up being an 83mm. On the Hemi platform it would have to make around 38 lbs. of boost unlimited to run close to the current ET’s.  Now take that same 83mm turbo and put it on a 481X platform and it will make more boost, say 45lbs due to the motor being less efficient.  You ask “Well how does that work?” As stated before, engines are just air pumps and an 83 mm turbo will only put so much into the engine. The efficiencies of the two different platforms will show different boost pressure which is really just a measurement of how much the air is being restricted while traveling through the engine and out the exhaust.  The engines would make very close to the same power because they are moving the same amount of air.


E3:  You know I have to ask about the news yesterday about Justin Shearer “Big Chief” being added to the Indy Pro Mod Field.

KF:  I think it is great!  Now let me explain, anytime we as a group (drivers, team owners, organizations & sponsors) can get people talking about drag racing it is a great thing.  At the end of the day, it is a business and it takes money to run a business. I think having him there in the “Crow Mod” will bring more casual fans to Indy and more viewers to the NHRA Pro Mod TV show which isn’t a bad thing.  I see it like this, he is coming to play in my sand box so I think it is only fair that I get to go play in his!  We are going to park the toter at his shop like Boosted did with his pop-up so I can say I live in the 405.  Bring on the list!


E3:  All I see are people complaining that he was able to register with no grade points and no NHRA license.

KF:  To me it is pretty simple, this week the registration opened up for drivers having one and more grade points.  One can only assume he must have registered with one grade point.  I know he has a NHRA license because I actually signed off on his single license passes which were made at Texas Motorplex prior to the American Outlaws Live event where we both competed earlier this year.  You have to know how the system works and if you have at least one grade point you can still register because as I answer this question, there are two spot still open.   If you got at least one grade point quit bitching and put it in the lanes if not sit back and enjoy the show!


E3: What is the one race you want to win between now and the end of the year?

KF:  I want to win them all!  If I had to pick one, it would have to World Street Nationals at Orlando Speed World (Nov. 10-13) for several reasons.  I can remember going to that race years ago as a spectator dreaming of driving a fast door slammer someday.  Going back now after winning it two of the last three years and setting and resetting the track record only makes it even more special.  Ozzy and Wade are making World Street Nationals Great Again!  Another good reason is it is $20,000 to win!  All Pro Mods need to be in Orlando for this race but also realize you will be racing for the runner-up position!


E3:  What are the plans for FKR in 2017?

KF:  We've got a few things in the works but we are focused on putting a championship contending team together for next year.  We are sending out Marketing Partner Packages daily trying to find a company to partner with.  I know we can we can be a productive member of someone’s marketing team if given the chance.

E3. Can you tell fans a little about FKR?

KF. FKR (Fiscus/Klugger Racing) is a combination of myself and my longtime friend Josh Klugger. We both have extensive experience in the small tire, radial racing world along with the Pro Mod world. We have multiple wins, records, and championships under the FKR banner.

E3. Lastly Kevin, where can fans find you on social media

KF. We actually are all over social media, as it has become apparent over the last couple of years, just how important being on there for our fans, families, marketing partners, and potential marketing partners. So with all that said, you can find us on Facebook at the FKR Page or on my Kevin “Flash” Fiscus page as well.  I am also on Instagram at Flash_Fiscus and lastly on Twitter @FiscusKlugger

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