ADRL and the infamous Kenny Nowling RETURN

That's right folks, as you have already heard, whether it was through rumors or from the mouth itself Larry, Larry's business partner, along with Kenny are bring back what was the best drag racing series outside of NHRA. The ADRL (American Drag Racing League) is coming back in full force. 

Many of you remember the packed stands that the madness that followed along with ADRL. I for one never got to experience it in it's prime. I loved reading about it, but never got to attend a live ADRL race. I have been told all the stories, including the good, the great, the ugly, and the real bad, that occurred last time around with ADRL and personally I don't care. It's not that I don't care about the racers, because first and foremost they need to get paid, but I am not here to dwell on things that happened three years ago. The past is the past and as long as Kenny makes good on it, that's what matters. 

Since I wasn't in the know at that time, whether as a fan, racer, crew, or media I don't get to sit here and judge what happened. What I can tell you is that as a fan reading about and hearing about ADRL was as exciting for me as Pro 5.0 Mustang stuff was in the late 90's and early 2000's. From what I have seen looking back, and what I have been told first hand is that ADRL and especially Kenny knew how to put on a show. He knew how to give the fans their money worth as well. 

Kenny's ADRL offered fans an experience, with great racing, drama, and excitement. An ADRL race was a destination. You wanted to get all your buddies together and get to the ADRL race. I know there were a few times that I was going to get in the car and go, but never could get the time off or whatever it may be. 

Well coming in 2017, Larry Jeffers, owner of Larry Jeffers Race Cars along with Jeffers Motorsports Park and working with Kenny Nowling,  Larry and his business partner have acquired the all the rights to ADRL and will be ramping it up again. This means top of the line Pro Mods along with other classes putting on an unbelievable show for the fans. 

I know some have talked about things previous with the ADRL as far as money goes, and based on what we have heard from Kenny, all of that will be addressed. There are those of you that said that you would not be interested in going to another race with Kenny and I have to ask why? Do you look at all the actors in a movie and say, well I don't like what that guy does, says, spends his money on, etc so I won't go see the movie. No, for most of you that process doesn't cross your mind. So before you decide that jumping all over the idea of ADRL and Kenny as a bad idea, why don't you actually see what happens and then make a decision. 

On July 27th, 2016 Kenny addressed certain things during an interview with Wes Buck at Drag Illustrated. Kenny stated that at PRI this year in Indy all drivers owned back money will be paid in cash and those not attending will be able to have the money wire transferred to them after PRI. Kenny stated that the money owned to the Scruggs family and Roger Hensen will also be addressed. Kenny stated that W9's will be mailed out and verified upon return for those drivers owned money. It was also stated that Kenny DOES NOT own ADRL. ADRL is owned by Larry Jeffers and a silent investor. Kenny is the CEO of ADRL. Kenny stated that he hopes to sit down with the owners and management of PDRA and ADRL to see how everything will shake out in 2017. He did not seem to think that the pool is big enough at this time to support both organizations. No classes were announced at this time, but there was mention of a possible Funny car as well as a Fuel Altered class. 

Kenny stated that the ADRL will be holding a race at Gateway Motorsports Park on November 4-5th of 2016. This will be a lead in to PRI and should give us an idea of what the 2017 ADRL will look like. We would assume that classes will be announced shortly, since the event is only 3 months out. 

Supporting an organization like the ADRL doesn't mean you have to like Kenny. How many times over the years did you watch or go to an NHRA race when someone was in charge that you didn't like? So how about we support drag racing as a whole, instead of being picky and hoping that something as great as ADRL doesn't succeed. We in America are a society of forgiveness. Look at every major sport and the people we have forgiven for much greater screw ups. Pete Rose's gambling, Ray Lewis' Murder allegations, Basketball point shaving, baseball steroids, and the list goes on and on. Don't even get me started on the celebrities you watch, listen to, and spend money on. 

We need to be moving in the direction of lifting up our sport and making other people see why it's the best sport in the world. Drag racing doesn't have to be PC and it shouldn't be, but we should still be supportive of the organizations that put on a show for the fans and have events for the racers to race at. The uncertain fate of other things lin drag racing like NHRA Pro Stock, PDRA, IHRA, and other classes/organizations should be the biggest smack in the back of the head that it's time to get out there and put on entertainment with value that people want to see and are will to spend their hard earned money on. 

This will still come down to making things right with the racers of the past, but the simple fact is that once that is done, there is no reason not to be at a PDRA event. As the movie saying goes..."If you build it they will come" and that's exactly what Kenny plans on doing with the ADRL.