DeWayne Mills Crushes Record

Just when you thought that record setting was over till the fall, DeWayne Mills and Daniel Pharris decide to show everyone the "not so fast" card. 

This weekend is the NMCA Bluegrass Nationals at the famous Beech Bend Dragway in Bowling Green, KY. Some of the heaviest hitters in the radial world are on the property as well. Names like Mills, Pharris, Klugger, Woody, Micke, and the 2x World Champion Keith Berry. 


Last night Daniel Pharris laid the smack down on the field by dropping the hammer and running under the current NMCA world record. The record coming into the event was set at the Atlanta race by DeWayne when he cruised to a 3.946. All until Daniel ran a 3.937 at 209.36 last night.

We all know that records are made to be broken, but if you know NMCA it's not an organization where you typically see records broken event after event, much less in the same weekend. Well those days are apparently gone. Earlier today DeWayne pulled his car up to the box and was apparently on a mission. With his '68 "Golden Gorilla" Camaro he dropped the hammer and shocked the NMCA world with a mind boggling 3.87 at only 201 mph. When I say only, that's because DeWayne has the ability to tickle the 210 mph range. 

Don't be surprised if that numbers drops even lower today or even tomorrow. The weather is suppose to be great the rest of the weekend. Will be very interested to see if the Pro Line powered hotrods can keep dropping that number with this air.