RTRA Race Wrap


Welcome to Monday folks. Another weekend of racing has wrapped up and we saw some amazing performances this weekend. I am sure that most have heard that Stevie Jackson crushed the drag radial World Record by running a 3.788 at 201.07 With a 1.01 60' and 2.57 to the 330'. 

While Stevie's passes this weekend were impressive to say the least, let's not forget about some of the other racers there either. Rob Valden and the Alepa team are now the second quickest radial car in the world, along with being the quickest turbo radial car on the planet. 

Below we have added almost every rd from last weekend for you to check out and see how everything shook out as well.


X275 E1

Bruder: 4.52 bye

Fisher: 4.46 bye

Odie: 4.49 Bye

Kenny Hubbard: 4.56 Bye

Chris Wilson: 4.58 Bye

Eric Moore: 4.57 Bye

Bob Bales: 4.55

Todd Moyer: Spun Tires

Marty Chance vs. Cory Anderson: Marty LB3A and Cory Red Light (Cory Wins first or Worse)

C.J. Petty vs. Chad Smallwood: C.J. Broke Smallwood Runs a spins the tires

Marty Piercy: 4.58 Bye

Clint Downs: 4.53 Bye

Kit Loung: 4.55 Bye

Groves: 4.52 Bye

Shortridge: Wheel standing bye

X275 E2

Kit Loung vs. Bob Bales- Bales wins with a 4.53 to Kit’s 4.55

Eric Moore vs. Kenny Hubbard- Eric wins 4.53 to Kenny’s quicker 4.52

Chad Smallwood vs. Chris Groves- Smallwood 4.65 over Groves 8.91

Chris Shortridge vs Bruder- Bruder 4.49 over Chris’ 5.18 red

Cory Anderson vs. Odie Sturgeon- Odie wins with a 4.478 over Anderson who appears broke at the hit

Clint Downs and Marty Piercy: Clint wins with a 4.51 over Marty who blew the tires off

Shane Fisher vs Todd Moyer: Fisher wins Todd couldn’t make the call. Shane rips the tires at the hit

Chris Wilson vs. BROKE: Chris runs 4.48 on that broke bye

X275 E3

Odie Sturgeon vs. Eric Moore: Eric Hole Shot Win 4.57 to Odie’s 4.48

Shane Fisher vs. Clint Downs: Shane 4.47 Clint blew the tires off

Bob Bales vs. Chad Smallwood: Bob takes the win 4.517 Something went wrong with Smallwood

Bruder vs. Chris Wilson: Bruder Bros. take the win with a 4.45 to Wilson’s 4.54

X275 Semis

Bob Bales 4.53 over Eric Moore 4.59
Shane Fisher 4.45 over Bruder Brothers 4.48.

X275 Finals

Bob Bales vs. Shane Fisher
Shane's 4.476 beats Bales 4.545


Limited 275 E2

John Mathis vs. Kyle Bruce: Mathis 4.93 to Kyle’s 4.97 Mathis Wins

Jim Staples vs. Chad Rivea: Jim 4.90 Wins after Chad breaks post burnout

Steven Barnnet vs. ???: Barnnet wins with a 4.80

Derrick Lewis vs Curtis Catalon: Curtis 4.96 to Derrick’s 4.62 Derrick wins (Curtis’ exhaust

Travis Gibbs vs. Chris Elliot: 5.02 For Chris Elliot over Travis Gibbs 5.10

Cord Clark vs. Becker: 4.91 For Cord takes the win over Becker’s 5.23

Pat McKinney vs. Daniel Large: Large with a 4.75 takes the win

Roy Keyes: Spun 5.61

Limited 275 E3

Jim Staples vs Roy Keys: Jim wins with a 4.86 to Roy’s 5.17

Derrick Lewis vs Daniel Large:  Daniel 4.77 to a 4.93 for Derrick

Chris Elliot vs. John Mathis: John 4.87 to a losing 5.01 for Chris

Cord Clark vs. Steven Barnett: Steven wins with a 4.80 to a losing 4.91

Limited 275 semis

Jim Staples 4.86 over Daniel Large 7.08

Steven Barnett 4.84 over Mathis.


Limited 275 Finals

Steven Barnett vs. Jim Staples
Steven wins 4.80 to 4.98


Limited DR E1

Kruck vs. Larry Wright: Kruck wins with a 4.48

Ronda Tresh vs Eric G: Eric G wins a 4.26 to Ronda’s 5.00

Limited DR Final

Eric G vs Kruck: Kruck spins and Eric runs a 4.243 at 172


Pro Drag Radial E1

Rob Valden vs. Shawn Ayers: 3.84 208.91 mph for Rob over Shawn’s 4.10

Ryan Martin vs. Rodney Whatley: Ryan redlights and Rodney runs 3.93

Grant McCrary vs. Steve Jackson: 3.793 201.16 1.005 60’ and a 2.578 to 330’ to Grant’s 3.69

Kyle Huettel vs. Norm Bryson: 4.11 for Bryson takes out Kyle’s 4.25 run


Pro Drag Radial Semi’s

Norman Bryson vs. Rob Valden: Rob wins with a 3.846 at 212.06 to Norman’s 3.94

Steve Jackson vs. Rodney Whatley: 3.788 for Stevie


Pro Drag Radial Finals

Steve Jackson 3.75 over Rob Valden 3.800