Just Another Record Updated

You really thought the the Bad9er record was going to last a while. Then they decided to have a race at Northstar Dragway this week. Part of the RTRA series. 

Well it only took until about 9:36 CST on 4/23/16 for Stevie Jackson to break the record 3.803 at 200. in a car that has less than a handful of runs on radials. Anyone who knows radial racing knows who Stevie Fast is and knows that record don't last very long in drag radial anymore. 

If we know Stevie, I am willing to bet that there is plenty more in the car as well. The nitrous cars may not have the MPH but they certainly have the ET. We will update this story as it progress through the evening, so stay tuned. 

In the mean time, congrats to Jeff Sitton & Steve Jackson on cruising right past the record. 

Update 1:42 AM EST

That record lasted all of 4 hours. Stevie Jackson came back up at about 12:40AM CST and showed all of the world that a radial car can run in the 70's when he busted off 3.793 at 201.16 1.005 60’ and a 2.578 to 330’ So there you have it folks. Stevie Fast and Jeff Sitton are the first team to the 3.70's on a radial. Still less than 7 passes on the car with a radial on it as well. 

Update 2:59 AM EST

Stevie decided to do it yet again. 3.788 at 201.07 With a 1.01 60' and 2.57 to the 330'

Update 4:16 AM EST

We saw Rob Valden in the Alepa Corvette vs. Stevie "Fast" in his PDRA Pro Nitrous Camaro

Again we saw Stevie take the record and improve on it in an awesome race. He beat Rob with a 3.751 @ 201.97 to Rob's 3.800 @ 206.80. It was the quickest side by side Drag Radial race in history.