Fiscus/Klugger Racing...How do they do it?

There is no one in the sport of drag racing that for one minute thinks that heads up racing is easy or cheap. If that were the case then everyone would be doing it. But what happens when you as a team have one of the quickest & fastest Radial cars in the world, along with a top notch NHRA Pro Mod car?

Imagine if you would for a second that you were part of a two car team that ran the same engine combination in both cars, and you broke an engine in one of those cars. Would you have the desire and ability to swap that engine back and forth into each car? Well at FKR that is exactly the situation that they are in right now. 

For years now Kevin Fiscus & Josh Klugger have been at the forefront of radial racing, along with having an ultra competitive Pro Mod car. If you follow Pro Mod, you know that Kevin is the pilot behind the wheel of the beautiful blue Mustang Pro Mod & Josh is piloting the state of the art RaceCraft built Radial Mustang. 

What you may not know is that both cars are are powered by the same Proline Race Engines power plant. Earlier in 2016 while at Donald Long's Lights Out 7 race, the unthinkable happened. Josh, while competing in Radial vs. The World, kicked a rod out the pan during what was sure to be a new career best in the car. For most drivers, that would spell the end of the weekend, but for the FKR team, it was just another challenge to overcome. 

Luckily, and with some actual planning they had the NHRA Pro Mod car (the 2015 PDRA Pro Boost World Championship car) in the stacker just in case. So instead of packing everything up, they actually removed the engine from the Pro Mod and installed it in the Mustang...IN THE SAME NIGHT. This is just the start of the story for this year though. Unfortunately this engine swap would become a theme for the team early in the 2016 season. 

FKR, had done enough damage to one of their engines that they are now forced to swap the engine in and out of the cars for different races. Next weekend for example, Josh will be running the Mustang at Atlanta, while competing in the NMCA series. While Kevin's next NHRA Pro Mod race will be at the end of the month in Houston. This is about the only time this season that there will be that much time in between races for the team. 

Nothing comes easy for the FKR team either. Kevin is a full time Project Manager, while Josh is the owner of a successful custom home building company and both live in Florida. The racing thing is not something that they do on someone else's dime either. Both work hard and play hard. 

While not new to success , as Kevin is coming off his World Championship season in the PDRA as their Pro Boost Champion, and Josh coming off new career bests at the Lights Out Race, that success doesn't always equate into dollars and cents. Finding sponsors in the sport is sometimes not the easiest task in the world, even when you are a proven champion. 

For that exact reason,  the team is forced to run one engine in both cars until they are able to repair the second engine, which in most likely hood, is in the cost range of the tens of thousands of dollars. This team is not one to just give up though, and we at E3xtreme know that they will be out in full force, Josh competing for Radial wins and Kevin competing for that elusive NHRA Pro Mod championship. 

So next time you wonder what goes in to having a successful team, look no further than the FKR team and all that they have done to keep on racing, no matter the circumstances. And for those interested in coming on board with FKR as a sponsor you can contact Kevin via email or on the phone directly at (904)728-4883. 

Lastly, not to forget about those that help these guys get to and from the races and support them in their everyday lives, the ones who don't always get the credit they deserve...Linda Fiscus, Courtney Klugger, ProTorque, Mickey Thompson, Menscer Motorsports,  Proline Engines, Precision Turbos, Fuel Tech, Proformance Transmissions, Burnyzz Speed Shop, and many more.