Dan Stevenson Goes Turbo

Dan Stevenson, longtime Promod racer from Illinois had a terrible fire at the NHRA Gator Nationals just a week and a half ago. The fire was so bad that it appears to have destroyed the car as well. For anyone that doesn't know, the NHRA RPM-Real Pro Mod Association runs 10 events a season, with the Gator Nationals being the first race of the year. 

We at E3xtreme had received reports from people on the scene of the fire and were told that Dan was out of the car but did suffer some inhalation damages. Following the event, that was eventually won by former champion Rickie Smith, it looked like Dan would be out for the year. 

Then, less than a week after the conclusion of the event, Dan dropped the bombshell on everyone that he was in fact retiring...FROM NITROUS that is. He proceeded to post a photo of Rickie Smith's turbo Promod that was just recently built. When contacted about this by E3xtreme, Dan in fact confirmed that he won't be driving Rickie's Turbo car, he bought the car. So Dan, who has been a long time nitrous guy will be making the switch to hairdryers in an attempt to capture that NHRA Promod title.