Rob Valden & Team Alepa Break The Record

Last weekend in Denton, driving the Team Alepa C7 Corvette, Rod Valden broke the world record on a drag radial tire.

The previous record had been held by the Bad9er crew out of Texas. The same event Kyle Huettel actually broke the record and ran a blistering 3.870. He broke the record previously held by teammate and friend Jason Michalak. Kyle was actually driving Jason's car for this event as he did the previous event in Memphis only a week prior. 

This weekend was really all about Team Alepa though. The car, owned by Andrew Alepa, was set on kill all weekend. Consistent sub 4 second passes showed that they would have something for the Bad9er crew as well. It was going to be a tough field to navigate through though, as there were multiple sub 4 second players in the field. 

Everything finally came together in the Semi Finals though, that is when Rob clicked the clocks off at 3.856 at 212 mph. He certainly wasn't done with it though. Just to prove a point that this wasn't a one hit wonder, he went out in the finals and blasted off another run to back it up. That's right, his Proline Powered C7 cruised to a 3.859. 

The C7 Vette owned by Andrew and driven by Rob is Powered by a Proline Racing Hemi and boosted by a pair of Precision Turbos.  The Dream Team that is Team Alepa consists of Owner Andrew Alepa, Driver Rob Valden, Crew Chief Extraordinaire Chase Driskell, & Tuner Josh "Squatch" Ledford. 

Don't think for a minute folks that this battle is over. There are plenty more races this season and we will see when the year comes to an end what the record books hold, but for now, the Record belongs to Team Alepa.