Chattanooga shows the world how to Hot Rod with thousands showing up for Power Tour

Just when you think that the hot-rodding industry might be fading into the sunset, we come upon an event like today. The Hot Rod Power Tour rolled into our hometown of Chattanooga, TN today, and they brought thousands of hot rods with them.

In a show of strength and commitment, there were thousands that packed into the Chattanooga State Community College campus. When we hit the pavement over there about noon today, there were lines and lines of some of the most beautiful machines ever created rolling in. Whether you are a Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Import, or anything other make and model fan, there was something for you to look at.

Clean paint, big engines, and originality were the themes of the day it appeared. We saw some bagged trucks, lifted beasts, nitrous fed small blocks, and some great cruisers. If you aren’t aware of what the Power Tour is, it is put on by none other than Hot Rod Magazine. A multi-day cruise and car show that shows the ability of well built machines to drive hundreds of miles each day of the show as well. This was the second day of the seven days of Power Tour. Tomorrow they head to Alabama, before going over to Georgia and then to the Carolinas and wrap everything up next Friday at zMax in Charlotte.

We at E3xtreme spent the afternoon with these hardcore gearheads to bring you some great photo coverage of the event. Sit back, and spend some time thumbing through about 200 photos that highlight todays event.