First Look: Andrew DeMarco's White Girl Wasted on Track (Photos & Video Included)

At E3xtreme we make an effort to bring you news and features that aren’t just regurgitate items that everyone else already addressed, and this week at Orlando Speedworld was one of those opportunities.

Andrew DeMarco, who most know from the NMRA and NMCA world has been in constant contact with us over the last 8 months or so about his plans to move to a roots style blower for competition in the X275 class. Well, as I am sure most readers have seen already based on the article that we previously released, this transformation is complete. What you have not seen, and what you won’t see anywhere else but E3xtreme is the first on track shots of the new combination.

Ellen and I headed to Orlando earlier this week to spend some time with Andrew, and a couple other drivers as they tested during the Mickey Thompson Tires Test Session. While you certainly won’t see any numbers from the test session in this article, as it was a private test session, what you will see are exclusive photos, along with a video at the end put together by our friend Hans at Freelife Films.

After Atlanta NMCA/NMRA last season, Andrew decided that it was time for a change, and that change was something that no one expected. Everyone has heard or read about all the drama that the roots combination stirred up when the Bruder Brothers came out with their setup, and I am sure that Andrew will feel some of that wrath based on the numbers and performance that I saw at Orlando. Not one to give a shit about what other people think, Andrew formed an alliance with some of the top minds in the industry and put together a program that would be the envy of most. It all starts with the DMPE blower sitting atop a small block Ford. This is like no other SBF blower car that you have ever heard though, as you will see and hear in the video.


It didn’t take long this week for Andrew, and his crew, including his right-hand Jason Sabo to realize the potential of the combo and the asswhippin’ that it can dole out. There are some tweaks that are going to get addressed now that the car is back home in the Boston area to get ready for Donald Long’s Lights Out X race occurring in a few weeks, they are minor tweaks that should take no time at all. Andrew made a handful of hits, including a pretty wicked awesome wheelstand that we were lucky enough to capture and share with you.

With that said, here are some shots from the test session, which as I said, are the first track shots taken of the car in its current stage, along with and eight-and-a-half-minute video of pure awesomeness. In my personal opinion, X275 competitors have officially been put on notice. I personally spoke to Donald Long Thursday night while we were both at Bradenton and even he seems impressed with what Andrew has already done. Stay tuned to E3xtreme for more great content coming soon.