Josh Klugger says it's Pro Mod Time

As some have already seen, there is a rendering floating around social media of the FKR Pro Mod Mustang in the color red. We caught up with Josh today to discuss what exactly that is all about. 

Tentative rendering of the new look Klugger Pro Mod.

Tentative rendering of the new look Klugger Pro Mod.

We have known for some time now that Josh had the drive to go Pro Mod racing. This was really only a matter of time before it happened. Josh stated that the car, which has obviously been successful throughout the last couple of seasons, is with Jim Geese at Vanishing Point Race Cars to get fully updated. All new floor pans, heim joints, some bar replacement, and more are happening up there. 

The heart of this hotrod will be powered by a brand new Pro Line, NHRA Legal, Hemi engine. Bolted to that will be a pair of Precision Turbos, and controlling it will be the brand new FuelTech FT600. Menscer Motorsports will still be tapped for the suspension out the back in an effort to keep the tires planted and controlling that 4000 horsepower beast. 

I asked Josh what was with the red on the car, and his answer was priceless. He stated that he loved that color so much on his Mustang GT350R he has at home, that he decided that would be the color of the pro mod as well. While the rendering that you see is close, Josh says there are still some final touches to be made once it's completed at Vanishing Point and makes it's was to VisualFx in Jacksonville, Florida for the final appearance touches. 

The plan is to run the NMCA series in 2017 with the car, along with a few NHRA races, and other pro mod races like Shakedown, Orlando, SCSN, etc. On that note though, a lot of people have wondered what is going to happen with the radial car now that he will be racing pro mod. Josh told me that he plans on having the radial car out about 6 times in 2017. Both of Donald Long's races, Jason Miller's World Cup, Orlando World Street Nationals, and a few others. He stated that campaigning both all season is not in the cards at this time. 

Josh did want to thank some specific supporters of this as well. A big thanks goes out to Mickey Thompson Tires, Pro Torque, Proformance Transmission, Proline Engine, Precision Turbo, Burnyzz, Billet Atomizer Injectors, Prolite Batteries, VisualFx, Advance Auto Parts, FuelTech, VP Fuels, and Orlando Speedway. 

This is just the beginning of what is to come from Josh when it comes to pro mod racing. There will be even more down the line, and you can bet that E3xtreme will be your first and true source for that news as well. So make sure to congratulate Josh on getting into the pro mod arena, and stop by to say hello when you see him in the pits.