X275 Founder John Sears Announces Points Series

You heard that right. The X275 Founder John Sears announced this morning that there will be an points series for the class racers in 2017. This is really the first of it's kind nationwide radial points series. As usual, John is on the forefront of moving this class and the radial movement forward. 

John has decided that we need to have a more organized way to seeing who the top class racers are in X275 during the 2017 season. The points battle will take place at seven races which are includes most of the largest radial races in the country. 

For those who asked, there will be a fee involved to be part of the points series as well. John stated that those funds will go towards numerous things including jackets, rings, trophies, etc. As you can see, you will also have to sign up to be a part and be counted in this. Below we have listed the races included in the series, along with any alternate races. 

Lights Out 8 SGMP
Outlaw Street Car Reunion Memphis
Radialfest Huntsville
The Takedown Darlington
Ohio Valley  Prizefight
YellowBullet.com Nationals Cecil County
No  Mercy 8 SGMP

 With Western Swing alternate races at:
Denton/Northstar Dragway

Plus a bonus race at Memphis in October.

As soon as John has further information about the new series, along with how the points structure will work, we will be passing along that information as well.