Dewayne Mills runs the first 3.70's radial pass with a turbo

You heard it here first. Tonight at Mel Roth's race called Rage by the River, Dewayne Mills and the Golden Gorilla became the first radial tire car to make a 3.70's pass powered by turbos. Stevie Fast went in the .70's earlier this year with his PDRA Pro Nitrous Camaro. 

Dewayne, who is a regular heavy hitter in the Radial vs. The World class, along with Radial Wars in the NMCA where he is currently in 1st place by 80 points over Daniel Pharris. In the semi finals of tonight's race Dewayne took his car to a 3.799 at 206.45.

The Gorilla is powered by Proline, with a pair of Precision Turbo hairdryers, and running Menscer Motorsports shocks, along with Fueltech and Billet Atomizers. We will get ya more information when we get it. A big congrats to Dewayne, Tim Davis, and the rest of the Golden Gorilla crew. He is off to the finals to face off against Daniel Pharris.  

With Dewayne going in the 3.70 zone it was a shot over the bow to other cars in the class come October and No Mercy VII.