Billy Glidden Settling into a Turbo Camaro

Billy Glidden PTE Pro  Mod Camaro

You heard it right, Billy Glidden, one of the most accomplished door car racers in history, along with being a life long nitrous racer is going to be piloting the Precision Turbo Pro Mod Camaro according to PTE Founder & President Harry Hruska. 

Ever since it was announced that Jonathan Gray and Precision Turbo parted ways people have speculated who would be the replacement driver for Jonathan. Little did we know at the time that nitrous superstar Billy Glidden would be tapped for the seat. 

“Billy is a fierce competitor in every drag racing class he competes in,” said PTE founder and president Harry Hruska. “We are so excited to have Billy behind the wheel of the PTE Pro Mod Camaro. He has the work ethic, focus and determination to win races, and sets the bar high. Together with Mickey Thompson, our team is unstoppable. We’re looking forward to an incredible Pro Mod season!”

Billy, who is a lifelong resident of Indiana and only lives a couple hours south of Precision Turbo, will take over in a car that has already laid down amazing numbers early in the season before a tire blowout in Houston. Along with being close to the Indiana based Precision Turbo, he is also a long time competitor against the former driver of the PTE Camaro, Donnie Walsh Jr. when they were both competing in the Pro 50 classes in the early to mid 2000's. Along with competing against each other in NHRA J&A Service Pro Mod series. 

Billy has always, as far as I can remember back, been a Ford man also. With his black Mustang  LX that dominated just about everything it raced in during the late 90's and early 2000's. Though Billy is also known as one of the hardest working guys in all of drag racing. If you have been to the track and seen Billy in the pits, chances are it's him and his amazing wife Shannon Glidden. They are a two person crew and have been doing it that way for years. It's a reminder that you don't need a 10 person crew on the starting line to help you win either. 

The 2016 season for Billy has been tough. He has not had the performance or results that he and his fans are accustom to. Currently after 3 NHRA J&A Service Pro Mod races, Billy sits in 20th place with a total of 52 points. Many may think that there is no point when you have completed 3 of 10 races in the series already and you are in 20th. What they forget is that just a week ago Kevin Fiscus was close to the same spot that Billy is now, but after a final round appearance and some others stumbling, Kevin jumped up to 7th in just one race. 

The next race for the NHRA J&A Service Pro Mod series is the beginning of a three race swing starting at Englishtown, NJ on June 10th-12th, then onto Bristol, TN June 17th-19th, wrapping up with Norwalk, OH June 24th-26th. This is the most grueling stretch on the schedule for NHRA Pro Mods.

What does this mean for the future? I think it shows that anything can happen when we are talking about drag racing. Fact is that we have a Ford Nitrous guy going to drive a Chevy Turbo Camaro. Who would have ever seen this coming? We at E3xtreme look forward to seeing how this progresses and we wish Billy, Shannon, Harry, and the whole PTE & Mickey Thompson team the best of luck the rest of the 2016 season. 

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