Records are made to be Broken

Well we have completed yet another wonderful weekend of racing, and yet even more records have fallen. Including the biggest record on radial tires....multiple times. This weekend at Tulsa was a pretty amazing event. 

When you see the same record be broken multiple times at the same event, and then it gets shattered again, yet it was on a losing pass, it's almost tough to put into words. Let's rewind just a week ago at the RTRA race in Denton, TX where the Team Alepa C& Corvette blasted its way to a new record at 3.85. Well that was last weekend and within 7 days we saw three different drivers hold the record.

You read that last statement right, three different drivers held this record within the previous 2 weekends. Rob came into Tulsa this last weekend with the 3.85 record and it certainly didn't take Dwayne Mills in his beautiful Gold Camaro long to snatch that away from him.  What the bad part is...Dwayne didn't even get to keep the record for a whole weekend. Kyle Huettel made sure of that. 

Kyle decided that he wanted that record back in the Bad9er camp and that is exactly what happened. He wasted no time putting everyone on notice that the Bad9er Vette of Jason Michalak was still the car to beat. Kyle was driving for Jason again this weekend, though after Kyle snatched the record back, Jason got on a plane to be with the team and support them. 

By the end of the weekend in Tulsa, we saw Kyle and the Bad9er team SHOCK the world when he took on Shawn Ayers driving the Fletcher Cox owed Fox Body. Shawn tree'd Kyle and end up taking the win. That in itself may have been a surprise to some, but the big shock came when the time came up on Kyle's side...a 3.81 elapsed time. 

Only time will tell how long the record will last. We still have a couple more races before the summer heat really comes into play. With another race at Denton before the end of the month along with Radial Fest at Huntsville, AL the last weekend, it is very possible that we will see the record drop into the 3.70's before we get to summertime. 


I also don't want to leave out another great record that was set this weekend and that was by Bad Brad Medlock in his absolutely gorgeous red SN95 Mustang that he races in the Jordan Grunwald created class MX235. Brad was getting it done this weekend on tires the size of your mom's Honda Accord. In the finals of MX235 Brad decided to let it hang out and busted off an incredible 4.701. Look for Brad to be the dominate force in MX235 this season with that Mustang. People are really going to have to step it up to run with Brad.