Ziff Hudson becomes the first in the 3's on the little tire at Darlington, just edging out Larry Roach.

Well it finally happened, and as a matter of fact it happened a couple times on Saturday. Ziff Hudson, who most of us in the industry thought would be the first in the 3's on a 275 tire, did it. 

Now, to be up front before I talk about Ziff and how everyone thought he would be the first, I will admit that I thought David and Tracy Pearson were going to get there first, but they have had setbacks of their own. And Ziff got there first with a strong push from another competitor on the grounds as well. Larry Roach was right on Ziff tail all weekend to be the first in the 3's on the small tire though. 

Ziff didn't exactly have an easy road to the 3's either. Whether it was top end damages from Orlando, or whether it was running a 4.000, there was always something preventing him from reaching that milestone. Well not on Saturday during WoooStock there wasn't. Ziff was in fact running in a no time class, so we don't have shots of the boards, but Ziff was kind enough to share his slips with the world. 

We cannot stress how much of an accomplishment this is for both Ziff and Larry. To be able to first make the power to run in the 3's and then to be able to apply it to a tire that small is an astronomical feat in itself. Now that the three second barrier is broken on a 275 tire, I have to sit back and say "What's Left?" when it comes to accomplishments in the radial world. Ziff and Larry both did what just a few years ago no one though would ever happen. 

Congrats to Ziff, and to Larry for amazing performances. Both deserve a huge round of applause for this! Now let's see if we can get a nitrous powered car in the 3's on a 275.