A sticky track, a huge hype man, grudge racing...This is WOOOOSTOCK!!

Rollin' into the gates on Friday you could tell something special was going on. There was something in the air, and no it wasn't the smell of some fine food either this time. It was the smell of greatness. 

Ya see, WoooStock is different than most other, if not all other races. First off you have the trio of Keith Berry, Lance Stanford, and Travis Harvey, which in itself is the first sign of greatness. Now you toss in some T&T, Grudge, N/T, and RvW, and you have the perfect cocktail. It didn't take like for people to pay attention either. Barry Mitchell in his blown Camaro came out the blocks strong yesterday, and crack of a pass in the .70's.

As the sun started to fade over the South Carolina horizon last night though, that is when things really heated up. Grudge races between the 901 Boyz and BumbleBee along with Stevie Fast and Mitchell had people ready to climb over each other to watch the action. 

Credit to 901 in taking on the Miller crew in BumbleBee. In the end it was BumbleBee that cracked dat azz though, when he started to pull away from his competition at the top end. In the battle of the blowers, it was the record holder on radials vs.  the number two man ever on radials. Barry lined up in the right line with Stevie in the left. The sea of people surrounding the entire area like a concert. The both leave and Barry just had more than Stevie could handle for that particular pass. Barry dropped a .75 on Stevie's .88 and that's all she wrote there. 

We got to see Bi Polar and some other heavy hitters make some passes last night as well. Today we are expecting more of the same. Testing this morning and early afternoon, and then into the heavyweight fighting tonight. While we know most of our readers follow more class racing, I can tell you right now, If you want to have a great time tonight, you need to get to Darlington Dragway, and watch day two of WoooStock. You will not be disappointed.