Folks...WooooStock is underway, and you'd better grab a seat and buckle in!!

So what do ya get when you have an awesome track, awesome weather, a bunch of heads up racers, combined with a bunch of grudge racers? You have an epic time. You toss one Keith "WOOOONATION" Berry into the mix and it's like the best beach side drink with way too much booze!!

We rolled into Darlington  Dragway yesterday so that we could catch some testing. Damn were we in for a treat. The "ToothJerker" is on the property with Jason's Dart. As usual, Superman himself, Lyle Digby is behind the wheel. Also making test passes last night we Shadow and BumbleBee among others. 

Fletcher Cox and his Pro Bowl team is on the property this weekend with Goldust as well and Brad Edwards with his SN95 Mustang, the same Mustang that was the first to ever go in the 3's on a radial. Ziff Hudson is here in his drop dead gorgeous RaceCraft built Mustang. And the dark horse almost every time he rolls in...GTO Joe is on the property with the blown radial GTO. 

This is just a small sample of the cars that are already here. Barry Mitchell is on the scene and made a jaw dropping test pass this morning as well. Let's not forget about these grudge cars though. While I honestly can't rattle off all their names yet, you can bet your ass by the end of the weekend I'll have a solid grasp on who is gonna gapp whom. 

Lance Stanford, Travis Harvey, and Keith Berry are putting on what appears to be an amazing event. I can't wait to see what the next two days bring either! Now, with that said, you'd better get up from that office chair, couch, or in-laws dinning room table, get in your car, boat, 4 wheeler, golf car, uber, lyft, or whatever you need to do to get here this weekend. Don't be the one sitting there on Sunday reading all the news and crying because you were too lazy to come to the track!!