Q&A With Dillion Voss & his brand new Outlaw 632

Photos Via Amelia Eastman at Voss Vitals (www.vossvitalsphotography.com)

               In a world where we don’t always see family as a strong foundation, the Voss family is showing the drag racing community that family is still the foundation that makes work and play enjoyable. It seems to us that the Voss family is a shining example on how we keep drag racing strong. We had a chance to talk with both Dillion and Cory about this recently as they are wrapping up their brand new 2017 ZO7 Corvette build for the ultra-competitive Outlaw 632.

For a long time, the Voss family has been a staple in the Florida racing scene and based on what Dillion had to say, 2017 will be no different.

E3x: Tell us about the new build.

DV: We are doing this build so that we have an updated chassis and components to keep
up with the ever-growing outlaw 632 class. Richard Earle at Suncoast
Racecars will be building the car for us.

E3x: Why did you decide that Outlaw 632 was the route you wanted to go?

DV: With the growing popularity of the class it’s a great chance to gain further exposure for us and our marketing partners. The class is full of diverse cars and personalities as well.

E3x: What are your 2017 Expectations?

DV: We look forward to being competitive and running the PDRA this season along with any other events that we enter in the 2017 season.

E3x: For those that don’t know you, tell us more about you and your background.

DV: When I was 8 years old, I ran dirt go-carts after that for a few years then I started with racing Jr. Dragsters.
At 18 I moved to door cars and have been driving door cars for 8 years now. During the day I work as a CNC machinist & business owner, along with helping the family business. My amazing partner in crime and fellow 632 racer heather Carter and I are awaiting the arrival of our son, Jackson Wayne Voss!

Our entire family is comprised of
racers. My Father ran Pro-stock in the early 80's then campaigned many
pro-street cars for Richard Earle.

E3x: How do you explain the explosion of 632 in drag racing?

DV: Outlaw 632 is a relatively inexpensive heads-up class. It has a diverse
combination of entries, radial tire, single kit cars, naturally aspirated
clutch cars, 3000 pound unlimited nitrous cars, stock suspension cars. The
Outlaw 632 class is able to draw from a wide variety of cars and they can
all be competitive.

E3x: What do you see as the future of the class?

DV: I see this class expanding further.  With PDRA picking it up for the 2017
season it allows more northern racers to run this class. The group that
currently run in Outlaw 632 are a great group of guys and gals that will help their

E3x: What are your long term goals in drag racing?

DV: My ultimate long term goal is to drive Pro-Stock or Pro-Modified. Pro-Stock
is more appealing to me because its highly competitive, horsepower per
cubic inch. It’s on the front line of innovation and technology. High RPM clutch
cars where the driver must shift the cars. That’s entertaining, exciting,
and extremely fun to drive.

E3x: What do you do in your daily life to stay motivated towards drag racing?

DV: I surround myself with the best guys in drag racing. Like many involved in
drag racing, it's more than a hobby. We live, eat, and sleep drag racing.

E3x: Tell everyone about your crew?

DV: I have, unarguably, the best crew in Outlaw 632. It's a family affair and we
all enjoy racing as a team. My father, Kenny Voss, handles all engine maintenance. He's the brawn
behind our operation. My twin brother Cory Voss, handles all power and engine management,
from tuning the nitrous to clutch. He is the brain in our operation. My uncle, Mark Voss, handles the Rear of the car. tires, center section, and fabrication. He can fix anything and is a great problem solver. Ricard Earle, of Suncoast Racecars is always on our team overseeing the operation, guiding us, and teaching in the ever-evolving sport of drag racing. and I, handle the driving duties, I’m the "monkey in the seat"
as we commonly refer to it!

E3x: Can you give us a rundown of the setup without giving too much away?

DV: Chassis:
Suncoast Racecars 2017 Z07 corvette, First one from Richard earles shop.
Suncoat Racecars- Pro series 25.1 chassis
Aurora rod ends
Aerospace Spindle mount brakes w billet calipers
Aerospace 4 piston billet caliper rear brakes
auto meter guages
DJ Safety 5# fire supression system/
DJ safety 2 Pro Mod parachutes with canister style launchers
Dj safety Custom Driver net
DJ Safety SFI /20 Suit, Shoes, and Gloves
MW bolt thru center section
MW Drive shaft with billet yoke
MW 40 spline Gun Drilled axles
Voss Engineering/ Suncoast racecars Fine adjustable Four-link brackets
Suncoast racecars Full fabricated Rear end housing with adjustable brackets
Cabon body from Richard Earles - Advanced Fiberglas Concepts
Liberty Extreme 5 spd
billet Ram 10" dual disk clutch
Racepak V300 computer with all the up-to-date sensors including wheelie bar
sensors, ride hight sensors, and shock travel sensors. 
AeromotiveA3000 fuel pump
Aeromotive regulators
A.R.C Heat billet dual bottle bracket with builtin AC/DC bottle heaters
Afco Dual core Radiator
Afco Double adjustable canister struts
Afco 3 way adjustable Canister shocks with custom valving


Voss Racing Engines 632" BBC
Brodix Aluminum block
Aluminum Rods
Billet crank
Mahle Billet custom R&D elite pistons
Moroso 2 piece oil pan
Moroso 5 stage Dry sump oil pump
Moroso "Pro Mod" Vacuum pump
Edelbrock BV3 Cylinder head
Frankenstien Engineering Dynamincs Port work
Driven Racing oil
Comp cams 60MM tool steel Custom grind camshaft
Bam racing products .937 Bushed lifters
Trend 9/16 str wall push rods
Voss Racing engines Billet intake manifold
Voss Racing Engines Billet Valve covers
2- custom pro systems dominators
CSR water pump.
Russel Pro Classic hose
Russel Crimp Fittings

E3x: Who would you like to thank?

DV: Special thanks to our sponsors:
Voss Racing Engines
Richard and Beverly Earle of Suncoast Racecars
Advanced Fiberglas Concepts
aurora Rod Ends
Kooks Custom Headers
Nitrous Pro Flow
Mahle Motorsports
DJ Safety
Frankenstein Engineering Dynamics
Aeromotive fuel systems
Comp Cams
A.R.C. Heat
Pro Systems Carburetors
Mark Williams Ent.
Ram Clutches

We would like to take the time to thanks Richard and Beverly Earle of Suncoast Racecars for all they do for us. Also to all our sponsors who help keep the Voss Racing Engines/Suncoast Racecars
campaigned car on the leading edge of the Outlaw 632 Series.