Troy Coughlin and the Rocket reset the Pro Mod MPH record!

Everyone knew that this was only a matter of time, but the record that had stood since June of 2011 has finally fallen. To no ones surprise, it was Troy, Steve, Mikey,  and the rest of the team pulling it off. 

Back in June of 2011, Melanie Troxel set the MPH record at Englishtown at a staggering 258.71 in a 1953 Corvette. This record has managed to stand the technology advancements, and just about everything else in the turbo world longer than any other record. We had started to wonder if that was becoming just like the 200 MPH mark in PSM. 

It was apparent earlier this season, almost right from the get-go that the turbo cars of Shane Molinari, Troy Coughlin, Michael Biehle, and Harry Hruska were all going to be gunning for that record. Shane and Troy have consistently gone A to B most of the season,  and when the front end of Harry's car stays on the ground, he can crush any record. 

Coming into Norwalk this weekend, Troy and the team were on a roll. He is sitting in second in the points behind early season domination of Mike Castellana and scored a huge win at Bristol last weekend. So when he dropped the hammer during Saturday Q2 in Norwalk, the car was like a missile.

The score board lit up and there you have it folks...a mind numbing 5.756 at 259.31. You did not read that wrong, it really says that Troy went almost 260 MPH in NHRA legal trim. It's not like Troy just eked past the record, he cruised right past it. His short time was an astounding .994, which for a turbo car is hauling the mail. This also leaves him qualified number one. 

It will be interesting to see if they attempt to give the turbo cars a lead trophy for their performance, or if they will let this all play out the rest of the season before changing everything once again. For the mean time though, a huge congrats to the backed, Precision Turbo boosted, and Pro Line powered team. To Troy, Steve, Mikey, and the rest of the team and family....congratulations.