Stevie Fast to Race NHRA Pro Mod

This story is still breaking, but you heard it correctly. Stevie will be racing NHRA Pro Mod this season, in a brand new car with Bahrain One as the sponsor. 

So far, based on the information that we have, as we are waiting to hear back from the man himself, Stevie is entered for all the NHRA RPM Pro Mod events in 2017. This is something that has been rumored for quite a while now, and those that knew weren't talking. 

Stevie will be piloting a 2016 Chevy Camaro, powered by a BAE 526 and his primary sponsor will be Bahrain 1 Racing.  Based on the combo, one would assume that Stevie will be driving either a turbo or blower entry. The Bahrain 1 Racing sponsor has been a part of Stevie's program for a little while now as well. There is plenty more news to come, and as soon as we can get Stevie on the phone, we will report it all to you. 

Stay tuned.