Mother nature devastates South Georgia

While most already know, there was at least one tornado that ripped through part of the south Georgia area overnight. Not only did it cause some damages to South Georgia Motorsports Park, but also claimed the lives of others in the area, along with destroying entire parts of the community. 

First and foremost on our minds here at E3xtreme is the well being of the families that lost their homes and loved ones from this storm. A race track is always rebuildable, but it's human life that is what actually matters. As a team that has been to the area numerous times to cover events or work on teams, we both know the south Georgia area and seeing the photos of the devastation is absolutely heartbreaking. 

There were posts and rumors all over social media today in regards to the condition of the track as well as the ability to hold Donald Long's event, Lights Out 8 in less than a month. Not that any of that actually matters at a time like this, but here is what we can tell you. The track suites area did sustain damages. The damages at the track are a lot less than the damages in the surrounding community as well. 

I know there are a lot of people out there that want to jump in their truck and go home. While that's appreciated, you have to realize that they are dealing with a disaster in the area right now. Power polls down. loss of life, destruction of an entire motorhome park. The last thing that they need is 200 of us trying to get to the track to help. This is a time that we let the professionals take care of the area and wait till the track management notifies us that they would like us to be there to help. Fact is that with all the damage and destruction right now, I am sure there will be no hotels to stay at and there certainly isn't a need for everyone to put themselves in danger at the track when emergency services are already taxed to their limit. 

There was an update from Ozzy Moya, the owner of South Georgia Motorsports Park about 12:45 pm EST that read as follows:

"Good afternoon. Sgmp update..We did suffer damage from last nights tornado. We will begin cleanup once weather allows. We appreciate all the well wishes and all the concern racers, fans, friends, sponsors and neighbors. Many are asking how they can help. If anyone does want to help, please help by donating to Cook county families or the Red cross thats is helping the locals in Southern Georgia. Many families in Cook County and surrounding areas have lost everything. They need our help. Please keep your prayers coming for everyone affected by this tragedy. And lastly keep Chris Davis and his family in your prayers too.
Thank you, Ozzy Moya."

With that in mind, we at E3xtreme will continue to update everyone when there is something to update. I know that we as a drag racing community will do everything that we can for the Adel area and SGMP. 

Below is a video of the damages that was made available from SGMP as they access the damages.