Ruben Tetsoshvili Making Some Offseason Changes

It has become glaringly obvious that changes are still abound in what some call the off-season of drag racing. Ruben T. is no different when it comes to this. As you will see in the photos that he provided to E3xtreme, his Camaro is going to have a much different look in 2017. 



A little background on Ruben T. for those that may not know who Ruben is. Ruben is a long time racer from Wesley Chapel, Florida. He is the owner of Prolite Batteries as well as Krazy LED. I personally met Ruben years ago when he was racing his foxbody Mustang in drag radial. A car that he still owns to this day. Within the last couple of years, Ruben has really made the switch to just going pro mod racing. 

Most people would never think of doing what Ruben decided to do coming into the 2017 season. He was already known for driving one of the more unique Pro Mods out there, with a lime green '70 1/2 Camaro. What happens when you decide to graph a 2017 Camaro on it though? You have something that no one has ever tried before, and that's to have a 7017 Camaro. That's right, a '17 front end on a '70 1/2 body. Ruben stated that he wanted to do this because it's the first nose, made by GM out of the mold and wind tunnel tested as well. This also gives Ruben the ability to swap between the 2017 and the '70 1/2  because it's something that no one has done or is doing. Oh and by the way, Ruben has the ability to swap out the rear tail lights as well. Just an added feature. 

Ruben said that 2017 he plans on competing in the NHRA Real Pro Mod series. He has already taken care of entering all 12 events for this season. As usual I am sure we will see Ruben at local Florida events, including World Street Nationals at Orlando in November. There are some secret squirrel things going on with Ruben, as far as testing some new things that he is going to be working on soon as well. That is something we will report on as soon as we can though. 





As far as the setup that Ruben will be running, it will look the same as last year. A Nelson Competition Hemi setup, with twin Precision Turbo's creating the power. There are a host of companies that Ruben wanted to thank for making this all possible. They include: 

Nelson competition (engine builder)
Liberty Transmissions
Victory Valves
PST driveshafts
Teddy Houser Race Cars
Scott Braskett race cars
Precision Turbo

Ruben also wanted to give a huge thanks to his wife Yana putting up with him and standing by him and his love for racing. A huge thanks to his crew Jenn & Alex for sticking by him even through an extremely tough 2016 season. Of course he wanted to thank Underground Mike for the paint and body work. It looks absolutely beautiful. Ruben is as looking for anyone else that wants to come on board to contact him at or 813-609-2555.

At the end of our discussion Ruben said that he also wanted to send his prayers out to those in Georgia and Florida that suffered damages and loss over the weekend due to the tornadoes. He wanted everyone to know that his thoughts and prayers are with you!