Multi-Time World Champion Pro Mod Driver Rickie Smith First on Nitrous to the 5.60's At Orlando

Rickie Smith, whom a lot in the industry consider one of the greatest all time doorslammer drivers just accomplished another first. He is the first nitrous car ever to break the 5.60's barrier at the iconic Orlando Speed World Dragway.

rickie 1.jpg

Rickie, who is in Orlando this weekend for the World Outlaw Nationals, made a stellar 5.690 at 247.47. This isn't the first time that Rickie has put up amazing numbers at Orlando. He crushed the scoreboards back in 2016 at the World Street Nationals as well. 

rickie 2.jpg

Rickie, who is without a primary sponsor for the 2018 season at this point, is showing the world that he can compete on the biggest stages with the blower and turbo cars. From the information that I have received, Rickie was in fact in NHRA legal trim, along with having a new lockup in the car, which NHRA is allowing for the nitrous cars this season. 

rickie 3.jpg

This is really a shot over the bow to the rest of the NHRA pro mod field, which kicks off it's season in about two months in Gainesville, FL. That 5.690 is only five numbers off Mike Castellana's world record for NHRA legal pro mod at 5.685. So for those that thought nitrous couldn't compete this year, it looks like Rickie just proved everyone wrong again. 

I would not at all be surprised to see Rickie lower that number or at least equal it throughout the weekend. So a big shoutout to Rickie, as well as his main man Chad Hester, who is on the property with Rickie as usual.