PRI 2017 Is Right Around the Corner

Well it's that time of year. One of the biggest and most important industry trade shows in all of motorsports is upon us. That's right, it's finally PRI time. 

Performance Racing Industry, better know to most as PRI is the one weekend a year where all of the racing industry get's together to celebrate a year of accomplishments, have awards banquets, and look at the new stuff for the upcoming season. It's a chance for racers to have face to face time with their fans and sponsors, along with a time for racers to interact with manufactures about products hitting the market in 2018. 

For us in the media, it's a chance to talk to racers, manufactures, fans, and fellow colleagues. It is the one race a year where no cars go down the track and no parts get broken (depending on how your Thursday night at the Drag Illustrated party goes).

PRI is not for the faint of heart, or those that don't like walking. It seems like eight hours a day of walking to see everything imaginable. Whether it's new turbos from Precision Turbo, shocks from Menscer Motorsports, nitrous from Nitrous Outlet, or a new CNC machine. 

There is plenty of something for everyone, including all the press conferences that are held. Last year it was the DI 30 Under 30, the ADRL, and the Aeromotive/Waterman, conferences that seem to gather the most attention. This year I am sure will be no different. Wes Buck over at Drag Illustrated will be releasing their 30 Under 30 which is one of the most important none on track events in all of racing. There will also be plenty of round table discussions in regards to just about everything in drag racing. 

In past years, but especially this year, there has been rumblings about whether or not PRI is still an important thing for the industry to have. I can't stress enough how important this event is to the entire racing industry. In a world where social media rules the day, and we fail to have a lot of face to face interaction, having these 3-4 days of face time with people can become the most important 72-96 hours of your entire season. It is no different for us in the media either. While yes, there is a media conference in January on the West Coast, not everyone has the opportunity to travel out there. I for one prefer Indiana in December than California in January. 

We at E3xtreme will be at PRI this year with high expectations, and will have some great announcements for weeks to come. We also plan on having plenty of interesting content to bring you during this off season from PRI. Plans also include attending the NMCA Banquet on Friday night. So make sure to stay tuned to E3xtreme for news, editorial, and plenty more, all leading into the new year.