Harry Hruska is not looking like a Pro Mod Rookie this Season

The J&A Service Pro Mod series rolls into Etown this weekend to throw down, and rookie sensation Harry Hruska is making quite the name for himself already in this, his first season as a driver is arguably the most intense heads up class in all of drag racing. 

Most know Harry as the soft spoken founder of Precision Turbo and Engine in Hebron, Indiana. They power most of the quickest pro mods and small tire turbo cars on the planet today. In fact, they power the quickest turbo pro mod in NHRA history, which happens to be the one that Harry owns and drives. So making power was never going to be the issue coming into this season. 

The issue for Harry was going to be seat time. You see, Harry has been around drag racing for decades, but he hasn't been the one driving. He got his kicks in other forms of motorsports before drag racing, and then hung up the driving shoes when he started Precision Turbo. Harry has had some of the best drivers in the world driving for him as well. The likes of Donny Walsh Jr, Jonathan Gray, Dan Stevenson, and even Billy Glidden. In 2017 though, Harry decided that he was going to take the wheel himself. 

Last year, right before Thanksgiving, it was announced that Harry had sold the company he founded to a much larger company called Wabtec (PTE Now a Wabtec Company). He did this so that the company could continue to grow and it brought in resources that Precision Turbo did not previously have. Harry stayed on board in a different position, but this sale also gave him the freedom to go do other things. 

Instead of being tied to the office chair and the responsibilities of overseeing the company and his employees, he could now take time to travel with his wife Denise, as well as make the decision that he was going to become a pro mod driver, and not just the owner. I spoke to Harry at the PRI show and he wouldn't spill it about who was going to be driving the car, but I had been hearing rumblings, and what do ya know, as soon as the entry opened, Harry was listed as the driver. 

Harry is not one to half ass things, so when we saw that he removed himself from the Gainesville entry, I contacted him to find out why. He told me that the performance was there, but he needed some more seat time before competing on that stage. Then, when we rolled in to the Monday test session after the GatorNationals, we see the first person in the box when we get there is Harry. Wow has that seat time paid off too. 

This is a new team, with not nearly the pro mod experience of most others other there, but that hasn't stopped Harry from challenging the cream of the crop in a season where rookies are the headline. He and Stevie Fast are certainly making noise as rookies. Harry has managed to already reset the world record for turbos in the pro mod, and has run quicker than the previous year's world record. 

Being only 72 points out of the top ten in the toughest heads up class, on the biggest stage in the world is an accomplishment in itself. That's after missing the Gainesville race too. It shows that this team is going to be one to be reckoned with for the long term. Don't be surprised if Harry becomes the first turbo pro mod car to run in the 5.60's in NHRA. And look for Harry Hruska in the Precison Turbo & Engine Camaro to be going rounds and breaking into that top 10 this season. The season of the rookies.