EXCLUSIVE LOOK: Pro Mod Superstar Paolo Giust unveils brand new radial car

Here at Lights Out 8, we are seeing more and more unveiling of new builds and it's only Tuesday. We were able to catch up with Paolo in the pits as his completed car was unloaded for the first time as a finished build. This was also the first time that Paolo saw the finished car as well. 

The car is a brand new G Force Race Cars built '69 Camaro for Radial vs. The World. It features a MSR built BAE Hemi with a roots blower sitting on top of it. It features a B&J 3 Speed Trans with a Quickdrive. Resolution Racing Fuel System (Resolution Racing Services INC.) is supplying all the needed fuel to feed the beast of a hemi as well.


The Camaro will be tuned this weekend by Jeff Pierce of Jeff Pierce Race Car Tuning as well as Jim Salemi. Paolo who is the owner of the car will of course will be taking care of the driving duties as well. Since it's a new build, there is no telling what it will do. 

Based on what we have see from G Force Race, and all the others involved, I am pretty sure that we will see some outstanding performances out of this beauty for a long time to come.