Tyler Crossnoe brings Outlaw Street Car Reunion to Bowling Green this week

In a move that didn't surprise most, Tyler Crossnoe decided to take his famed Outlaw Street Car Reunion further east and land in Bowling Green Kentucky. The week that Tyler and most of the racing community has been waiting for is now upon us. 


Some of you may know that Tyler, who has become one of the faces of drag racing when it comes to track prep, is also one of the premiere promoters in the country. Every year, for months after the event we are talking about his race and how amazing it was. Whether it was the FKR team doing track length wheelies at Holly Springs, or maybe the year in Memphis that radial cars went threes in winter like conditions, it's always something to behold when you go to his races. 

In the offseason, a decision was made to move his race from Memphis, which it had been previously held, over to another historic location. The home of the Corvette, and one of the most beautiful locations in the country, Bowling Green, Ky. It was a bold move that some questioned when he first announced it. Some wondered if it could flourish being moved to a different location. Would the racers come? Would the spectators come? Would the community support the event? These were all questions that have been slowly answered this spring. 

Now obviously, we don't know what fan count will look like until the gates open and the people flood in, but if the support from the city of Bowling Green is an indication, we are all in for a treat that includes filled grandstands and pits.  The promotion that city has been a part of has been excellent to see. 

What about the race itself? For the second year now, Tyler decided to include the two wheel insanity that is motorcycles at the event. The motorcycle racers love being a part of such a well run and big show. We as photographers love it, because it's exciting to see these men and women ride the back tire to half track. Along with bikes coming back, there was another huge class announcement in the offseason that took everyone's breath away. 

Keith Haney's Mid-West Pro Mod Series will premiere this year at Outlaw Street Car Reunion. Some of the most exciting, beautiful, and fastest door cars on the planet will compete for a cool $10k in winner's money. More important to some is the bragging rights though. If you haven't experienced the Mid-West Pro Mod Series, you are truly missing out. And if you are at the event, make sure to wander the pits and talk to these drivers. Names like Jonas Alshire, Keith Haney, Billy Glidden, Steve Summers, Eddie Rodgers, Brandon Pesz, and many more!

No, I haven't forgot about what built this event and makes it's great. That being the 6.0 and 7.0 index classes. These index classes have been the heart and soul of the event since it's inception. With upwards of over 100 cars competing between the two index classes and a separate index throwdown on Thursday, you can bet that we will see well in excess of 100 index cars on the property yet again. These are some of the best men and women to put on a driving suit and well worth the price of admission. 

How about some radial tire action? That right folks...we are going to have five, yes five different radial tire classes to wet your thirst. Jordan Gunwald's MX235 will be on the property blasting off numbers on the tiniest of tires. These cars are absolutely insane and accomplish all on a tire about the size you find on a stock muscle car from the 90's. 

Next up in the radial world is going to now other that Ultra Street. This is a 275 tire class that allows for different power adders and naturally aspirated combinations. The rules are more restrictive than X275. Lately it has been the "Kid" Alex Hays in his BBC N/A Mustang, but unfortunately Alex is in engine jail awaiting parts, so that will leave the door wide open for others like Shaun Arnold, the proprietor of ASA Performance who has been dropping some in competition numbers that should have the entire class a little scared. Let's not forget that we believe Joel Greathouse will be on the property driving his old car as well. This should be a real throwdown between a ring full of heavyweights. 

LDR to the lanes please. One of the most exciting radial classes to watch right now is Limited Drag Radial. A class that was born out of need for cars between the X275 class and Radial vs. The World. The rules are more of a restrictive version of the RvW rules. You will still see twin turbos, lots of nitrous, and ear piercingly loud blowers. What you will also see is some great side by side racing. This isn't just a "Mustang" class like other classes in drag racing are. There is a wide variety of cars in this class. A little something for everyone. 

X gonna give it to ya! That's right folks, X275 is set to invade Bowling Green. Folks, if you have never seen X275 live and in person, you'd better buckle your ass into that seat, because these cars are gonna rip your eyeballs out and take your breath away! Whether you are a fan of blowers, turbo, or nitrous. Chevy, Ford, Dodge, fans all better get in line to see the jaw dropping, high flying action of X275. You never know when one of these bad boys is gonna ride the bumper for 300' or have a giant nitrous backfire. This class is as unpredictable as your local weatherman. So find you a seat or some piece of real estate and hold on tight!!

The King of Kings, The Pinnacle, The Mountain top of radial racing is Radial vs. The World. We are talking about cars capable of covering 660' of track in less than 3.70 seconds and more than 220 MPH. We are talking about turbo inlets large enough to swallow small children. Enough nitrous purged to make any dentist envious. And blowers that will strip you of everything you are wearing if you get too close during the burnout. Folks this is RvW an if this doesn't excite you, get your ass to the doctor to check for a pulse immediately. These drivers are competing for a cool $25k that the winner will take home. Will BDM Mark Micke take home some more cash? Maybe Daniel Pharris is the Vette, or will we see the Gorilla, better known as DeWayne Mills maybe take the cash back to Oklahoma. Maybe it will be an underdog that no one expects. Either way, if you have an RvW car and aren't at this race, there is seriously something wrong with you!

Certainly can't and won't forget the Xtreme 28" N/T Shootout. You want to talk about some badass machines. These are some of the top N/T and Grudge racers in the country. The game is all about talking smack and taking the other man's money. This is old school. There are no times shown. It's the first one to the stripe in a $10k to win class. Don't get caught with feelings in this world, because they are bound to get crushed. Either step up or step off. 

That folks is what you can expect to see this weekend in Bowling Green at Beech Bend Raceway Park. We of course will be there to cover the action for you. Stay tuned to the website, Facebook page, and make sure you follow us wherever you go for all the best drag racing news and editorial content. Hope to see everyone at the races!