Outlaw Street Car Reunion is a wrap

Well Outlaw Street Car Reunion IV is a wrap, and without question it was a long, exhausting, and exciting weekend. We saw records broken, personal bests achieved, and we saw a promoter prove once again why he is one of the best in the business. 

I'm not sure where to even start with a wrap up of this race weekend. To say that it was a journey of epic proportions would really be an understatement. Memphis is always known to throw Tyler Crossnoe and his crew a curve ball, and this was no different.  Instead of snow, this year it was rain, and a lot of it. An entire day lost to rain, yet a race that still finished before 9 PM on Sunday. 

What about the performance our of these hot rods?  Well, we saw Nick & Rick Bruder drop a giant brick on the rest of the X275 class when they busted off a 4.36 to reset the class record. Speaking of class records, Justin Cyrnek decided to take his beautiful green Mustang and crush the MX235 record by almost a full tenth.  Outside of breaking class records, there were drivers that ran personal best too. 

So let's look at some personal bests. The one that shouldn't  come as a shock to those that follow drag racing is the performance of the Husband In-Law team of Scotty Cannon, Alan Pittman, Hank Jackson, Dalton Pittman. After some struggles early in the year, this team showed up in Memphis and put everyone in the RvW class on notice. A 3.85 at a mineshaft 176 MPH. When you compare this to other blower cars that are around that ET but 20 MPH faster, it shows that these boys are not playing around. They made it all the way to the semi's where they faced off against Barry Mitchell.

Another great performance was from a true racing superstar, Jeff Lutz. Jeff decided to bring his car nicknamed "MadMax" and put radials on to compete with the big boys. It took Jeff some passes, but he also showed that he is getting the hang of these small tires. He managed to also go to the semi finals, where he faced off against the eventual event winner Daniel Pharris. Jeff was able to finally break into the 3 second zone this weekend as well. 

Tim Slavens was one that also had the car set on kill. He and his gorgeous burgundy Camaro dipped into the 3.80's for the first time as well. In one of the most heartbreaking things that I have seen though is when Tim pulled up for a competition bye, he bumped in to the pre stage and then the car died. Tim was unable to get the car re-fired and since he did not take the tree and break the beams he was DQ'd. Later we learned that it appeared the wire came off the crank trigger and that's what caused the issue. 

We also saw some new cars along with some cars that are making their first appearance of the year. For the first time in a while we saw the 4wd beast called Ms. Misery on radials again. It looks like they are starting to make some progress as well. Issac Preston also brought out his fit for a king 1969 Camaro. This might be one of the most original and sexy cars in the class. 

There were some other big stories that we will be following up with more articles on, including the return of the event winner Andrew Alepa's Vette after the terrible fire a month ago. Also, we will be bring your a feature on Marty Robertson and his blown Vette, which was previous owned by Kyle Huettel.

The index fields were packed to the gills this weekend, along with a really strong showing in the Pro Street Bike class. All of which created some amazing excitement for not only the fans, but the crew and media as well. We saw 16 cars in the 7.00 range, including three with a perfect 7.000. In 6.0 Index there were 14 cars in the 6.00 range. Pro Street Bike we saw numerous 200 MPH  blast. These are legit street bikes too. 

There was so much excitement during this event, I could type forever on it. Tyler, and his Southern Speed Promotions crew did a great job with this event. As usual, he pulled off what most others couldn't imagine, after losing a day to rain and still  completing the race at a great time on Sunday. We look forward to attending Outlaw Street Car Reunion V.