Outlaw Street Car Reunion is a go today!

That's right folks, we are back here on the property at Memphis International Raceway for the final day of Outlaw Street Car Reunion IV. The track has been dried, scraped, prepped, and we are sending cars down the track. 

Yesterday we were unable to get anything down the track due to a terrible storm that came through on Thursday night/Friday morning. The storm dumped a ton of water on the track surface. The crew at Memphis, along with racers, media members, and all of Tyler's crew was on the track getting it dry yesterday.  Unfortunately, after the scrap was completed, another round of storms came through. 

Bound and determined to continue to put on one of the best damn races in the country, Tyler and his crew, along with a lot of other people on the property went to work, while everyone else went to dinner. This crew did an absolutely amazing job at having this track surface ready for today's eliminations. 

By 8:30 AM this morning Index cars were heading down the track. To say that it took a lot of hard work to make this event continue would be a huge understatement and insult to Tyler and his Southern Speed Promotion crew. The tireless efforts of everyone involved here cannot even be put into words. If you are in the Memphis area this morning, you need to be at Memphis International Raceway!! 

Stay tuned to E3xtreme for more news and photos from the race. Please make sure to thank our coverage partners for the event as well. Menscer Motorsports, ASA Performance, and UPR Products.