Marty Robertson in the old Bad9er car at Outlaw Street Car Reunion

Radial heavy hitter Marty Robertson is on the property here at Outlaw Street Car Reunion IV. What you may not realize is that about a month and a half ago Marty procured the Bad9er Corvette that was owned and driven by Kyle Huettel of Texas.

Marty’s tried and true Cuda is still completing repairs from last year’s accident at SGMP during Donald Long’s event. The Vette has been painted a beautiful blue as you can see here. The car is being tuned by Mick Snyder and Howard Moon (Who has previous tuned Von Smith and Al Anabi). The car is backed by ERD (Engine Research Development). We will get some more information for you when Marty has time to sit and chat.

First shakedown pass in the car, Marty shook the tires after the hit. 

Test pass at 8:43 pm CST---Smoke tires on hit.