Outlaw Street Car Reunion has officially launched off (Same Day Coverage)

Well it's Friday afternoon here in Memphis and we are well underway with racing. They have already completed one full round of heads up qualifying excitement. We have seen some great times, and unfortunately a wadded X275 car. 

There are a multitude of classes on the property this weekend. Everything from 200 MPH Radial vs World cars to 200 MPH street bikes. There is also 6.0 & 7.0 Index, along with LDR, X275, Ultra, along with MX235. The superstar heavy hitters of just about every class here on the property. 

One of the big news items this weekend is that Jim & Jimmy Plimpton from Wiscompton made the trip to Memphis with the Fearmont. Testing didn't go as planned, but first rd. of X275 the managed to get from A to B with the nitrous huffing beast. 


Another car that we got to see make a pass this afternoon was the beautiful, newly painted RvW Corvette owned by Marty Robertson. The car looks absolutely gorgeous. He put down a solid 4.02 hit. The number #1 qualifier after the first round though is Barry Mitchell with a 3.85 in his blown Camaro. 


Rich, Nick, & Pops Bruder finally are getting to where they want to be with their new combo as well. They were are sitting number #2 with a 4.39, while Jamie Stanton and his gold nitrous Camaro with a 4.38. There were 30 cars that made a pass in X275 during round one. 


A large MX235 field is lead by Tim Hendricks who cracked off a 4.66, followed by Vince Franks at 4.81. There were 20 cars that made a pass, with the ever tough Dan Saitz sitting at number 20 with a 7.50.

Limited Drag Radial, or in most circles LDR, has been the up and coming radial class over the last year or so and here in Memphis that's no different. Heading up the field after Q1 was Jack Green in his BBC 1970 Nova. He laid down a 4.237, but is followed closely by Jeff Cooner at 4.281.

We will bring you even more updates later today as we can.