From Memphis to Bowling Green. Outlaw Street Car Reunion makes a huge move!

In the past it has always been a fear that if you move an event that has had success you will hurt the event. Tyler Crossnoe decided this week that it was time for his event to make that move and help the event grow. 

Years ago we saw well established races like World Ford Challenge move from St. Louis to Indy and fall on it's face. It is tough to move a race from a location that it's know for and start fresh in a new market, but that's exactly what the radial wunderkind, Tyler Crossnoe is doing. For years he has spent endless hours building a great event at the track in Millington, TN right outside of Memphis. He has endured Noah's Ark rain, and even endured snow during his race. Without missing a beat though, he has managed to keep on rolling right along and putting on one of the biggest and most well respected drag radial events in the world. 

Sometimes business is business and no matter the relationship with a track, you have to progress in a forward motion. The decision was made after extensive discussions with multiple locations, that Beech Bend Raceway would be the future location for the Outlaw Street Car Reunion. Most racers and fans know the track better by the city that it resides in though. The infamous Bowling Green, KY. This is the location for some of the premiere drag racing events in the country. Whether it be doorslammer events or diesel events, it's a prime location. With their covered grandstands, it makes for an even more enjoyable experience as well. 

Also new for 2018 is the fact that the event will have Holley as the title sponsor of the event. "Uncle" Robin Lawrence and the team at Holley have decided to come on board. Holley Performance Products is also located in Bowling Green, KY so the partnership makes perfect sense. It is great to see such a large and well established motorsports company put their faith in this event and everything that Tyler does. Holley has been on the forefront of just about everything EFI related for the last decade or so. 

As someone who has raced at Beech Bend before, I will tell you that you as fans and racers are in for a treat if you have never been there before. It is a beautiful area, and the track is one of my favorite that I have ever dropped the hammer on. You can expect that E3xtreme will be on the property for the entire event in 2018. Make your plans now, as the event has a new date as well. April 18-22nd 2018 are the days that you need to mark off on the calendar. 

You can read about the entire move to Bowling Green, along with everything else OSCR at