The Bruders Brothers are once again Banned...

While some saw it coming and to say I am a tad disappointed would be an understatement, yet again the Bruder Brothers have been punished and their combo for the 2018 season has been banned. 

A statement on the X275 Facebook Page reads the following:

A collective decision has been made by myself (John Sears), Donald Long, Dave O'DonnellKurt E Johnson, and Gene Nicodemus about the current lack of parity in X275 in regards to the roots blower combo currently fielded in X275 by 3 teams. As of today weight will be added to bring the combo into line with others in the class. Also in 2018 it will no longer be allowed in the class. I missed the weight and openly admit to that shortcoming but I based the weights on other racers progress (or lack of progress) which in hindsight was too light, it has proven that it will continue to cause issues with racers, promoters, and sponsors supporting the class.

What this means is yet again, you put in the time, effort, testing, blood, sweat, and tears only to get punished by it. Only in drag racing does the hardest worker get punished by putting in work. Nowhere in any other sport do they punish you for excelling at what you do. 

So what will the Bruders do in 2018? Only time will tell. I will be trying to get Nick and/or Rich on the phone at some point today so that we can further discuss how they feel about this. I am sure that discussion won't be for the faint of heart either. At what point do the Brothers Bruder just say the hell with it and walk away? And I certainly wouldn't blame them if they did either.