No Mercy 8...another record setting event?

We are here on the property at SGMP all week to cover Donald Long's No Mercy 8. From what we have heard about testing, we very well may see that radial record come back to SGMP. 

This event is by far one of the largest small tire events in the world, and Donald Long knows how to pack the racers and fans in here. This week is chalked full of testing and racing. Starting tomorrow (Tuesday), there will be testing Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 

Wednesday evening will begin qualifying for the quickest radial cars on planet earth. That's right, we will see one round of RvW qualifying on Wednesday night. Thursday night, we will get to see all the heads up classes make a qualifying hit on the legendary SGMP surface. The crew here has been working day and night to prepare for the event. Whether it's banners getting hung, a new VIP stage getting built, parking cars, etc. Friday, we will see two rounds of heads up qualifying, and wrap on qualifying with one more round Saturday morning. 

We have talked to some racers that have tested the last week or two, and I would not be surprised to see 5-6 cars dip into the 3.60's this week at SGMP. The world famous Shadow is on the property already. We will see Jeff Sitton and his new blower car. Look for Bad Brad Edwards to take some serious shots at the top of the leader board, along with Jeff and Patrick Miller in Bumblebee. And never, I mean Never count out the Husband-InLaw racing team with Scotty Cannon at the helm and Alan Pittman driving. Hank Jackson has been here since last night getting the car ready to show everyone how it's done. 

Earlier today, I spent some time talking to Paolo Giust, who is here with his G Force Racing Camaro, and he is ready to make an assault of the RvW field as well. This will be a weekend that everyone is still talking about months from now too. So I don't care what you have to do, tell your boss you are calling in dead, and make your way to South Georgia Motorsports Park for No Mercy 8. Tell'em at the gate the E3xtreme told you to bring it. 

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