Why NMCA, PDRA, NEOPMA, & Even ADRL Must and Will Thrive

I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but we are at the 6th day of the 2017 calendar year and the NHRA Pro Mod is pretty much filled for the entire 12 race season. This is one of the prime reasons that NMCA, PDRA, NEOPMA, and ADRL must and should thrive. 

Before we get into why I think that, let me explain how this works. In the NHRA you get grade points. These are points that are used to enter other races. There is a quota in the NHRA as to how many people can enter. This entry was opened 2 days ago, and pretty much filled up immediately. Here's the catch though, only the ones with 8 grade points could enter at that point, with the exception of some other work a rounds. Do I like the system, no. Do I see why it is the way it is, yes. There are other issues with the way grade points are issued that I don't agree with, but that's here nor there. This is the system in place and we go from there. 

So what does this means for maybe another 100 plus pro mods out there would want a place to compete at a high level? It means that you are going to the NMCA, PDRA, NEOPMA, and ADRL. Can you will a Wally at these, no. Can you have an amazing time, race with great people, and be treated like the stars of the show, absolutely! 

All four of these organizations are ones that should be supported. I know some will blast me for saying that even ADRL should be supported. Well guess what, it's drag racing, and a lot of money has been invested in bringing it back. Like it or not, the promoter did one hell of a job before putting asses in the seats. Looking at PDRA and the things that they are doing. Trying to bring the fun back and things that the fans can get behind and relate to. Tommy Franklin & Jason Scruggs have really made the effort to make PDRA a great racing organization, along with stars like Travis Harvey, Stevie Fast, Kevin Rivenbark, Lizzy Musi, and so many more. 

Looking at what the NMCA has done in the off season floors me. I think they are trying to be the Yankees of door slammer racing. They wasted no time signing some huge free agents in the off season including Kurt Johnson and Tyler Crossnoe to make the program even better. Now I just read today that they brought in Jim Campisano as part of their sales team. An industry professional that has decades of experience. The NMCA is looking to absolutely dominate this season with those moves.  The NEOPMA is no slouch either. Tey are entering their 25th season! That is a huge deal in any form of drag racing. Anyone who has been around for 25th years commands respect from the racers and fans. I personally hope to get to one of their races sooner than later.

What does this all mean for the fans though? This means that there is no reason not to be at the drag strip for the next 10 months. Skip a couple of your Starbucks trips and pay for a weekend of excitement at the race track. Take your kids, take the neighbors kids. Make it a field trip. Get involved in someway. Not everyone has the time or money to go NHRA and not everyone wants to, there is nothing wrong with that. It does mean that you need to make the effort to go to the races. Support NMCA, PDRA, ADRL, & NEOPMA! Support your local tracks. Support the businesses that support these series.  

These four series provide a much needed and wanted place for pro mod racers to go and for pro mod fans to also go. 2017 is going to be the best year in the history of pro mod, and maybe even drag racing as a whole. I think we will see record NHRA numbers. We will see record PDRA numbers. We will see huge ADRL and NEOPMA numbers. And I will promise you now, we will see record NMCA numbers. And folks, I don't mean on the track numbers either. I mean in the stands, the midway, the pits, and watching on your TV or mobile device. This is the year where we show everyone how amazing drag racing really is!!  

So who's with me this season? Who's going to go out to as many races as possible? I challenge you to bring at least one person at some point this season to the drag strip for them to experience it. Love or hate, they will certainly remember it and so will you! Here's to an amazing season in NHRA, PDRA, NMCA, ADRL, NEOPMA, & everyone else as well!!