NMCA World Finals...The points races are as hot as the record temps

Craig Sullivan's beautiful retro Pro Mod. Ran one of the best passes of his career yesterday with a 3.95

This weekend at the famous Lucas Oil Raceway in Brownsburg Indiana, we are going to be able to crown the champions in every single class. The points races in some of the classes and as tight as my pop's wallet. 

Steve Summers gets a little outta shape during Q1 yesterday. Look for him to challenge Jason all weekend long for that Championship. 

Unfortunately, most already know that the crazy Swed Adam Flamholc wasn't able to make the race due to personal reasons back home. That means that It will come down to Jason Hamstra and Steve Summers. Yesterday during Q1, Steve got loose and started pointing at the wall. He recovered and still busted off a low 4 second pass. It would be Hamstra that dropped the hammer on the field though. He packed it in the trailer last night with the #1 spot after first round at 3.839. Based on the forecast today, that very well may hold as #1 going into Sunday as well. 

Jason Hamstra. Currently #2 in points. 

Marty Stinnett gets his smallblock moving during Q1. He sat at #2 after that qualifier and was in the 3 second zone. 

Another class where there are multiple drivers clawing for the title of world Champion is in Radial Wars, where there are still four cars mathematically alive in the hunt. The Super one, Super Dave Adkins , Smallblock Stinnett, Dream Crusher Josh Klugger, and The Kid Isaac Preston are all chasing the title of World Champion this weekend. Of the four, Marty Stinnett had the best qualifying pass, but not by much. Dewayne Mills and the Golder Gorilla are leading the pack at this point though. Dewayne laid down a steller 3.91 last evening to snag the #1 spot for now. Look for everyone to be ready to go today in Q2 and Q3. Will they be conservative to save on parts, or will they let'er eat?  

Josh Klugger is planning on snatching that Championship this weekend and taking it back to Ocala, Florida. 

Rich "BanMe" Bruder goes number one yesterday with a Procharger. There is nothing he can't drive. 

Street Outlaw is yet another class where there are four drivers still in it for the championship. Charlie Cooper is leading the pack, followed by Manny Buginga, Jarod Wenrick, and Jacky McCarty. While we have a moment though, We at E3xtreme would like to send a huge shootout to Jason Mote, who is on Jacky's team but could join us this weekend, as he's back home fighting some illness. We are thinking about ya Jason! The racing in the S/O class is much like X275, small tire, limited power adder etc. That doesn't stop them from running huge numbers. Last night it was a familiar name to grab a #1 spot. Rich "Ban Me" Bruder took the number one spot in the red foxbody, Procharged Mustang when he ripped through at a blistering 4.39, followed closely by Manny, and the Mopar Man Rob Goss. 

Jacky McCarty is still in the hunt for the Championship. Don't count him out!

These three classes aren't the only ones that are having points battle this weekend either though. It should be interesting to say the least. We are expecting record high temps this weekend as well. The air certainly isn't going to be the best, and we all know what heat does to a track, but the NMCA team had it on kill last night and will the rest of the weekend. If you are in the Indianapolis area, I would suggest getting over to Lucas Oil Raceway in Brownsburg and see some of the amazing action NMCA is offering this weekend.