Some Breaking offseason NHRA News

Sources have told E3xtreme that there is some more off season NHRA news. Some may have heard last night the Jimmy Prock was in fact leaving DSR and making a return to JFR. This in itself is big news within the nitro ranks. We are waiting to find out more about the move itself, but as we understand, Prock took his a lot of his team with him.  

The other big news today is that Terry Blount, an executive at NHRA, has resigned his position. We have not spoken to Terry in regards to to the move or what prompted it though. According to a statement from Terry, he stated that he is taking time to spend with family and pursue some other opportunities. Terry was the VP of Public Relations and Communications. 

Another change that we have been made aware of is that John Hale will not be driving full time for the Dunn's in 2017.  We spoke to John and he will be spending some time with family, driving his Nostalgia car, doing some fishing, selling his BBQ sauce, and flying his planes. 

Stay tuned for some other big news out of the NHRA world in the coming days as well.