Why NHRA 4 Wide is still amazing...

It's been a few weeks since we delved into much NHRA, because I had to spend some time graduating from college. Well that time is over and I think it's time to jump back into it. I wanted to talk about my first ever NHRA 4 Wide Nationals at Zmax in Charlotte. 

The 4 Wide Nats are something that everyone talks about, and there's a good reason for that. This race happens once a year and there is absolutely nothing like it. If you have been to an NHRA race before and seen Top Fuel or Funny cars run side by side you know how that concussion pounds your chest and rattles your eyeballs. Now imagine doubling that, once you do, you have what 4 Wide is all about. 

Four cars, 40000 horsepower, and one goal. Each round the objective is to be one of the first two that gets to the finish line. No longer are you worried about just your opponent,  now you are trying to beat three others. The sound of these machines, which will make you gasp for air, is simply amazing when all four launch at the same time. This was our third NHRA event of the year, and this was so much different from Gainesville and Houston.  The sight line as a photographer was challenging to say the least. All weekend I was trying to figure out how to get all four without going into the stands to do it. 

This was also going to be the first time that Pro Mods were going to run 4 Wide as well. Now, most of our readers know that there are usually games between the power adder combos when staging in Pro Mod. Imagine if you will, trying to stage a turbo, blower, and nitrous car at the same time. That is also what 4 Wide showcases.  Q1 seemed to really go off without a hitch, but come Q2, apparently everyone forgot what the hell they were doing and things went straight downhill. 

As a fan of the NHRA for more than 20 years, I will say this is the most excited I was about going to an event though. There are times that I actually had to step back and enjoy it. This was not the first time that I had been to Zmax, but certainly the first time I witnessed 40000 horsepower traveling 1000' at one time. I am also a fan of the N/A amazing that is NHRA Pro Stock and the sweet sound of a 500" engine at 10000 RPM's.  NHRA also has Pro Stock Motorcycle running 4 Wide, which might have been the toughest class to follow because of the size of the bikes, but again, amazing to hear and watch. 

So if you are a fan, should you consider going to 4 Wide? I would say absolutely! This is a must see event. Zmax is a beautiful facility, and a great place to watch a drag race. Plenty of place to go for food in the area, and if you are in to camping this might be the best race to do so.  If you are looking for an NHRA event to attend in 2018, you have to make sure that 4 Wide is on your list.