Langdon Parked, Guido to DSR, Medlen Back, Crampton Staying, & Star Racing

Well the time is upon us. The time right around Christmas and New Years when the NHRA really has some shake up. Today was no different either. A parked Top Fuel ride, some longtime team guys make changes and more. 

We learned from sources today that the Top Fuel dragster driven by Shawn Langdon has been parked as of right now for the 2017 season due to a lack of a primary sponsor. Shawn piloted the DSR backed dragster for all of 2016 and finished fifth in points, 220 points behind teammate Antron Brown. From what we have gathered, the entire crew and Shawn himself are staying with DSR though. 

Some more news out of the DSR camp is that John Force Racing long time team member Dean "Guido" Antonelli, who served recently in a General Manager position at JFR, has left the team and headed over to DSR. He will serve in some capacity (Possible Crew Chief) on "Fast" Jack Beckman's Infinite Hero car. This comes after Jimmy Prock left DSR to make a return to JFR.

Speaking of Jimmy Prock, most of you already know that Jimmy and his entire team left DSR to head over to the JFR camp to work on one of the JFR cars. From our understanding, John Medlen also headed over to JFR with Jimmy, but has since returned to DSR.

The Lucas Oil camp hasn't been without it's share of toss up as well. As we previously reported last week, Aaron Brooks signed with Cruz Pedregon as his Crew Chief for 2017. This was after it was announced that Lucas Oil would be parking their dragster.  Now we understand that Richie Crampton, who finished 9th in points during the 2016 season, will be staying on at the Lucas Oil camp. In what role we aren't sure at this time. It might indicate that Lucas Oil doesn't want to lose a great driver and a great mind.

Star Racing, who fielded a two bike team in 2016 has announced that they are not currently looking for a replacement rider to replace Cory Reed and Angelle Sampey who both rode for George Bryce at Star this season. George has made it clear that they are moving forward with their products to help other riders etc. This, in our mind is a huge loss to the PSM class.

Lastly is news that Terry Chandler, who personally funds both the Infinite Hero and Make a Wish Funny Car teams out of the DSR camp, has come back on board for the 2017 season. She will be backing both cars once again out of her pocket. No donation money to either of these charities ever go to the racing teams. Terry has done very well in business and this is her way to give back and bring attention to excellent charities.