Spinozzi Racing Ready to take on Australia

Just over 12 months ago, the Spinozzi Racing Team made the decision to retire their Pro Stock Racing Program and venture into the Doorslammer Class.

Their new 1969 Chevelle will turn it's first wheel in anger tomorrow thanks to a combination of racing knowledge from around the world.

Brothers Emilio & Adamo Spinozzi highlighted the support from their Crew, Sponsors, and Marketing Partners over the past 12 months, who have been instrumental in completing this build.

"The Speedmaster team have played a huge role in the organization and logistics of parts from the USA" shared Emilio.

"Craig Burns and his team at SCF Race Cars did a remarkable job building the car in their Sydney workshop.  Their workmanship, skill, and knowledge is second-to-none.  The team at SCF were a pleasure to work with, open minded and innovative."

Michael Marriott has been the crew chief for Spinozzi Racing's Pro-Stock Car since 2013, and will now continue this role with the team on the Chevelle Doorslammer venture. Michael's involvement goes much further than his crew chief responsibilities, sharing his vast knowledge and experience of racing.  Emilio explained "The decision to swap classes was made as a Team and it was important to us that Michael would continue to tune and crew chief the car."

The Spinozzi Racing in-house engine program will be headed by blown alcohol expert Mark Brew.  Mark had the task of setting up the engine shop and building the Noonan Race Engineering power plants. His valuable experience over many years will benefit the team, and he has also supplied many of the team’s race components, including the Racepak Data Logger and Leanders Clutch.

Emilio spoke about the team’s transition from Pro Stock racing to the Doorslammer class. "Just last year our Pro Stock Car 60 footed in just below the 1.0 second range and ran 6.92 @ 198 mph.  Now I will have to keep up with a brutal car that will hit the 60-foot marker in the mid 0.950's and keep pulling right through to 250+ mph in well under 6 seconds. Driving a 3500+HP Doorslammer is going to be enough of a challenge for me at first, before I go ahead making plans to compete in one!  This is a new experience and a huge learning curve for our whole Team."

With the current influx of high quality cars and teams in Australia, the Spinozzi Racing Team know that they have their work cut out for them in what is shaping up to be an ultra-tough bracket.  The combination of experiences, racing in various classes, and competing in a Pro-Stock car will hopefully help in making this a smooth transition.

The Team plan on racing in the incredibly competitive 400 Thunder Championship Series, but are yet to set a date for their first Doorslammer competition entry.

As the car, team and driver take to the track tomorrow (October 20), all going well, the Team's Facebook Page will be the place to visit for news and information.

Spinozzi Racing wish to take this opportunity to welcome to their family of sponsors and suppliers: Torco Oils, LJ Hooker Commercial Campbelltown, Nicsons Concrete, Alky Pro and Speedflow.

They would also like to thank Speedmaster, Hitachi, Terra Civil, Western Filters, Soligo Concrete, Sloanebuilt Trailers, Pasta Italia, Optimum Fire, Al’s Race Glides, Smithfield Diff & Gearbox, Race Teknix, VP Racing Fuels, Corfield Media Solutions, Planned Signs, Kemps Creek Mitre 10, Leanders Clutch, and Australian Drag Racing Promotions (ADRP) for their continued support.

Press outlets are encouraged to contact the Spinozzi Racing PR & Media Representative Brett Hore, at any time for further information, Hi-Res images or interviews.
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