E3xtreme Presents: 50 Most Influential People in Drag Racing Part Two

11.  Mark Menscer - Founder Menscer Motorsports


While he might be the quietest person in the loudest environment, it's because his work has been speaking for itself over the years. Total domination would be a great description when it comes to Mark's shocks and struts. Not only do Mark's products dominate the small tire industry, but there is no one in the business that is more available to his customers. The knowledge that Mark brings to the table is rivaled by no one in the industry. They say "Speak softly & carry a big stick" and Mark's "stick" is a pair of shocks. He has proven that his technology has completely changed the face of drag racing. 

12. Shannon Morgan - Promoter


Who would have ever thought that you could put on a series that consisted of not prepping a surface? Shannon Morgan has shown us all that you can have outstanding events, while being completely outside the box. She not only holds some of the biggest drag races in the country, but she managed to get NHRA to have her and her racers at two of their events in 2017. This was a first for the NHRA. Shannon is one of the most loyal people that you will find when it comes to her racers. There isn't much that can be done to change it up in the world of drag racing, but Shannon has certainly found a successful way to do it. 

13.  Mark Rebilas - Photographer

Mark R.jpg

Wonder why we would put a photographer on the list? I am sure some will, and no he isn't the only photographer that made the list. Mark is one of the best drag racing photographers in the country. Whether he is shooting for a client, or USA Today, he captures images that define excitement at the highest level of drag racing. A lot of the photos that you see in ads, trailer wraps, and much more comes from the mind and camera of Mark. He is as a mentor to many younger photographers in the industry. Never afraid to offer help and/or advice when asked. Mark's work speaks for itself and speaks as a gold standard in our industry. 

14. Bruder Brothers - Bruder Brothers Racing


The one team that everyone strives to beat. A family that races together, wins together. That holds true with the Bruder Brothers. While Rich is the man behind the wheel, Nick is working the keyboard and many more aspects of the program. They have revolutionized the definition of testing. There doesn't seem to be a free moment outside of their day job that the two brothers aren't working on their racing program or that of their clients. Bruders manage to scare people with their intelligence in building and working within the rules, while looking outside the four box corners. 

15.  Pat Musi - Founder Musi Racing Engines

Pat Musi.jpg

Can you really talk nitrous without talking about Pat Musi? For decades Pat has been leading the pack when it comes to ingenuity in nitrous and engine building. Hasn't matter if it was pro mod, top sportsman, grudge, or otherwise, it is Pat Musi leading the way. The technology that Pat has come out with has made groundbreaking progress. If you look at champions in NHRA, PDRA, IHRA, ADRL, etc there is a good chance you will find a Musi powered car in the champions circle. He has also shown his prowess with helping his daughter Lizzy become one of the premiere pro mod drivers in the world. Everyone in drag racing talks about those "legendary" engines. It might be a Ford 302, a Hemi 426, and Chevy 454, but now-a-days it the Musi 903.  

16. Scotty Cannon - Drag Racing Icon


The epitome of cool for a mighty long time has been The Mad Scientist Scotty Cannon. Maybe you remember the mohawk and cool Oakley Sunglasses, or the fact that he is considered by many to be one of the forefathers of Pro Mod racing. Well now we see Scotty as the brains behind a very successful run in the drag radial world. Scotty is not one to just buy shelf parts and slap crap together. He is much more interested in creating things and making those work. Working close with his crew, he is able to show that sometimes brains go further than a deep pocketbook does. It is certainly working too, the Husband-In Law hotrod is one of the most successful round win radial cars in the country over the last two seasons. Watch for Scotty's brains to scare even more in 2018. 

17. Monty Mikho - Founder YellowBullet


Some readers may be too young to remember a pre-Facebook era of drag racing. Before we put everything out on social media, there were actual web forums that racers gathered at to exchange ideas, photos, and everything else drag racing. Yes there were other forums, but the only forum that everyone gathered at was YellowBullet. It was the place for the Ford, Chevy, & Mopar drivers to bench race and talk smack. Monty's website revolutionized online drag racing discussion. That then turned into a yearly race at Cecil County, which is still a must attend race each season. He has also been a staunch supporter of the Outlaw 10,5 world. When most left it for dead, Monty made sure that it was still in front of people's mind. There are thousands of racers who made their "name" in the industry because of YellowBullet. Knowing Monty, the one thing you never know is what's next. 

18. Jeanette DesJardins - Founder of Car Chix

Car Chix.png

If there was ever a woman in drag racing that supports women in the industry it is Jeanette. She is the Founder of Car Chix. It's not just another website, this is the place to go for all women in drag racing. She also puts on races, has been known to drive a time or two, and is a very smart business woman. Jeanette is someone that I don't think gets nearly enough credit for her contribution to the industry. If you are a woman in our industry and haven't checked out http://carchix.com/wp/ you are seriously missing out. Car Chix in our mind is a movement that has been long overdue in drag racing. 

19. Carl Stevens - Owner Xtreme Racing  Engines

Carl Stevens.jpg

It is rare that someone has the ability to come into the industry and make people say wow. This is exactly what Carl has done over the last couple of years. His brashness is something that we don't always see in the drag racing anymore. Carl isn't afraid to tell people exactly how he feels or what he thinks. Love him or hate him, he has made waves with his turbo powered hot rods. Carl not only is building these hot rods, but he is also the wheel man. Competition forces everyone to step up their game and that is exactly what is happeneing since Carl walked through the gate.  

20. Rollie Miller – General Manager NMRA/NMCA


If you are looking for a guy trying to push a series in the right direction, Rollie Miller is the guy. Working alongside Steve W. and the rest of the team at NMRA & NMCA, Rollie has brought much needed attention to both series. Rollie is a realist, he sees an issue and figures out a way to address it. He is not stuck in the old way of thinking. Rollie has made leaps and bounds progress since coming on board with the series. Being the face that has to deal with the racers, compliments, and complaints, along with managing events is a process and task he doesn’t take lightly. The NMCA and the NMRA have some of the best racing in the world and a big part of that is because of Rollie’s decision making and understanding.